Research & Development Awards 2022

Acquisition International - Research & Development Awards 2022 11 Best Cost-Efficient Web Design Company - Colorado coming up with cutting edge solutions daily to aid them in their forward momentum. With a company meeting twice a day that pulls the whole team together to consolidate ideas and talk strategy, it ensures that each one of its employees’ voices are heard. Additionally, it enjoys the diversity that the team represents, and makes a concerted effort to ensuring that everyone from all walks of life has their chance to speak and contribute, its flat hierarchy ensuring that the creatives within its ranks are supported in doing their best work and that the teams work together smoothly. This also ensures that the whole company is on the same page regarding corporate goals and the future, giving them the option to contribute positively to where the company is heading in a macro scale as well as on a project-by-project basis. It’s prevailing attitude of only moving forward when everyone is happy with certain things is also something that it extends out towards its clients. It will only ever call a project done once it is sure that a client is totally happy with their website, refusing to depend on a template, meaning that each creation is totally unique and bespoke. In short, this has earned it the respect and continued attention of its market segment, with many of its clients going on to recommend it to their peers; this has helped its progression towards scalable growth in the Denver area as it goes on to add 10 new employees to the team. These new team members will allow them to keep up with rising demand, including a flat rate ‘all in’ retainer model that has been successful with its parent company ‘Peak Seven’ in Florida, and enabling it to continue financing, backing, and supporting each of its clients in developing their future. Company: Bigfoot Web Contact: Justin Martin Website: