2017 Offshore Excellence Awards

Acquisition International - Offshore Excellence Awards 2017 9 Investment Fund Manager of the Year 2017 - Jersey Lloyds Investment FundManagers Limited Drawing on the vast experience of its parent company, Lloyds Investment Fund Managers’ service is built on expertise that comes from many decades of helping its customers manage, grow and pass on their wealth. Bron discusses how the firm’s focus on client service is pivotal to its success. “Here at Lloyds Investment Fund Managers we are dedicated to earning our customers trust and aim to build a long-term relationship by providing specialist international banking and investment services to UK expatriates moving abroad for work or retirement, as well as to foreign nationals working or investing in the UK. Our strength in banking, wealth planning and investments enables us to support our customers through the complexities and nuances of international life. To be truly customer centric, we have meaningful customer values that we bring to life in our daily activities and interactions with our customers.” Offering high quality service is central to the firm’s strategy, and to achieve this Bron and his team understand the importance of remaining at the forefront of the latest industry developments. “In order for Lloyds Bank to meet our group strategy to become the Best Bank for Customers, both within the UK and for customers with an affiliation to the UK, we need to ensure we respond to legislative changes. A dedicated team interface with our regulators and “horizon scan” to ensure we meet our regulatory and legislative obligations, thereby supporting our vision to be the Best Bank for Customers.” Staff are also critical to the success of any firm, and particularly one as client focused as Lloyds. Bron discusses the firm’s approach to hiring and how it Lloyds Investment Fund Managers Limited is part of Lloyds Bank, one of Britain’s most trusted banking groups, with a reputation built on over 250 years of experience and a solid international standing. We invited Bron Lysiak to tell us more. Company: Lloyds Investment Fund Managers Limited Contact: Bron Lysiak Contact Email: Bron.Lysiak@ LloydsBankInternational.com Address: P O Box 311 11-12, Esplanade, St Helier, JE4 8ZU, Jersey Phone: 01534 845845 “...it is the firm’s focus on ensuring that they receive the solutions and service they want that has driven Lloyds Investment Fund Managers to the success it enjoys today.” DR170003 works to attract the very best talent in the industry. “Lloyds Banking Group is committed to be a leader in inclusion and diversity; as such, we have a clear strategy in place throughout the business. Recruitment is the point at which we have the biggest impact upon the level of diversity across our workforce. It is imperative that we are able to attract and recruit the best candidates who will reflect our customer base. We plan ahead to ensure our colleagues are the best they can be and are resourced accordingly to improve our customers’ experience.” Overall, it is the firm’s focus on ensuring that they receive the solutions and service they want that has driven Lloyds Investment Fund Managers to the success it enjoys today, and moving forward this will remain a key consideration, as Bron concludes. “Since inception we have always been committed to ensuring that the products and services we offer are the best for our customers. As an organisation, we have employed external consultants in the past, but have decided that greater change should come from within. We use our customers as our consultants and really listen to what they are telling us they want. We spend time gathering factual data ensuring decisions are not made on assumptions. We have learnt that what matters to customers is to do what they want quickly, correctly and to be kept informed, and this forms the cornerstone of our ongoing strategy.”

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