2017 Offshore Excellence Awards

8 Acquisition International - Offshore Excellence Awards 2017 Adnan Kelana Haryanto & Hermanto GWS Group Oil & Gas Law Firm of the Year 2017 - Indonesia Best International Trust Company - Liechtenstein AdnanKelana Haryanto&Hermanto GWS Group Adnan Kelana Haryanto & Hermanto (AKHH) is a dynamic general practice Indonesian law firm with extensive experience in cross-border and transnational transactions. We caught up with Founder Andy to find out more. The GWS Group ranks among the world’s leading company service providers and sets up international corporate structures for entrepreneurs in the jurisdiction of their choice, while they concentrate on what is most important to them: their business success. We profile the group to explore the secrets behind their success. Company: Adnan Kelana Haryanto & Hermanto Contact: Andy Kelana Email: akelana@akhh.com Batam Office: Jl. Raden Patah Komp. Sumber, Jaya Blok A No. 5-6 Nagoya Batam, Indonesia Website: www.akhh.com Company: GWS Group Email: info@gws-offshore.com Address: Alte Churerstrasse 45, 9496 Balzers,Principality of Liechtenstein Telephone: (00423) 384 50 80 Web: www.gws-offshore.com OE170010 OE170003 Drawing on the vast industry experience of its staff, AKHH Lawyers is one of Indonesia’s premier independent law firms with offices in Jakarta and Batam Island. Andy discusses the firm’s service offering and how it works to offer the very highest standard of service to its clients at all times. “HereatAKHH,weoffera fullspectrum of legal services to our clients, with our core business revolving around telecommunication, infrastructure, energy and natural resources projects or assets. Our firm’s multinational clients include Apple, American Express, Axiata, Boeing Corporation, Chevron, Ericsson, Google, Mitsui, Oracle, and Siemens. Our domestic clients include PT Telkom, Indosat, Tower Bersama Infrastructure, Bank BNI, Perusahaan Gas Negara ((PGN) and PERTAMINA. “In order to provide these clients with the very highest standard of service and support, we firmly believe that a successful client-lawyer relationship involves an investment in time familiarizing ourselves with our client’s operational needs and fostering strong professional relationships. Our competent and dedicated team of lawyers are selected through a rigorous selection process to ensure delivery of only the highest quality of work, consistencies, efficiencies and responsiveness to our client’s needs.” As a company with an international focus, GWS is able to facilitate the establishment of legal entities in all major jurisdictions. “We at GWS are aware about the importance of selecting the appropriate legal framework for company formation, as well as selecting international, well-capitalized and solid first- class business banks”, states the Managing Director of the GWS Group. The GWS Group assists entrepreneurs in protecting and keeping their assets under control – effortlessly and independently from international legal changes. As we are currently living in times of globalization, the aspiration of entrepreneurs to recognize and set up ideal offshore company structures, as well as to benefit from the economic and tax advantages offered by a few jurisdictions, is undeniably comprehensible. However, international legal changes make achieving this more and more difficult. To make the process as smooth as possible, GWS assists clients in arranging ownership structures so that taxes are as low as possible, by finding an individual solution at the right time. The firm’s high standards of excellence extend not just to their relationship with clients, but with staff as well. Having one of the lowest Overall, AKHH Lawyers’ competitive edge lies in its ability to deliver individualized value-added solutions aimed at addressing specific client needs. As such, moving forward the firm will be continuing to adapt and develop its offering around the ever evolving needs of the market and its clients, as Andy concludes. “The legal profession has experience tremendous growth in the last few years which has provided a broad range of legal opportunities for our legal firm. Globalization of the legal profession has afforded us an opportunity to serve international clients through cross border collaboration and association with foreign law firms, and we are excited to support a wider range of clients. “Within Indonesia specifically, the legal landscape is continuously changing and evolving, bringing new challenges and rewards. Recent changes in Indonesian legislation and law were made to address issues of bureaucracy, red tape and restrictions affecting foreign investors, to encourage and increase foreign investments. We are encouraged by the Government of Indonesia’s initiative to spearhead the economy and to entice foreign investors to reinvest in Indonesian’s infrastructure, energy and natural resources projects and assets.” rates of staff turnover in the industry, GWS is able to bring continuity to each customer relationship. The firm’s business approach is based on the cornerstones of continuity, adaptability and satisfaction which always remind all employees to focus exclusively on the client’s needs. In the process of setting up the appropriate confidential corporate structures, discerning clients of GWS can rely on their dedicated and experienced advisors, who provide the premium service and expertise that clients expect. “As the companies of the entrepreneurs grow, so should their wealth.” To help them achieve this, GWS assists high net worth clients in identifying the right partners: the world’s premier private banks with longstanding banking traditions and valued principles, who offer dedicated asset management and advisory services for family offices. In addition, GWS identifies partners who are able to set their own business strategy with financial independence, which goes hand-in- hand with exacting risk management, and will remain its ongoing focus moving forward.

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