2017 Offshore Excellence Awards

10 Acquisition International - Offshore Excellence Awards 2017 Best Trust & Corporate Services Provider - British Isles TheMannMade Group Founded in 2005, The Mann Made Group assist clients, who range from high net worth individuals to large multinational corporations, in managing and creating their wealth and in structuring their business and personal affairs. The group are independent, modern and flexible, and respond quickly, delivering an unrivalled service at the right price, as Alan is keen to highlight. “Here at the Mann Made Group, our philosophy is to provide the best possible service with a friendly, efficient and flexible approach at the right price, to enable our clients to meet their personal and business objectives. To achieve this, we leverage a network of affiliated offices throughout the world and provide management and administration services in all major jurisdictions to ensure that the business entities remain compliant with local statutory requirements. In most jurisdictions, we can incorporate companies within 24 hours, although in many cases we can fast-track the incorporation to provide the companies even faster. “Furthermore, Mann Made Group is largely involved in providing Business Incubator services. We have an amazing team of experienced professionals who will assist you from as early as creation stage and will accompany you to growth and promotion. We aim to render aid through supporting young businesses with necessary technical, financial, networking and tax services. The power and flexibility of the Isle of Man legislation are represented by the sector of tax, corporate and trust services. The state regulation is effective, balanced and diverse, creating the favourable conditions for the companies to function.” Currently within the financial services sector, the issues of utmost importance are primary tasks of operational effectiveness. The priority is to build the reliable corporate system incorporating technological improvements, being adaptive and The Mann Made Group is a multi-jurisdictional supplier of corporate, trust and tax services to professional advisors and high net worth individuals and families. We invited Alan Hollingsworth the Managing Director of the Group to talk us through the firm and the services it offers. Company: Mann Made Corporate Services Ltd Contact: Alan Hollingsworth Contact Email: Alan. Hollingsworth@mannmadegroup. com Address: 2nd Floor Atlantic House, 4-8 Circular Road, Douglas, IM1 1AG, Isle of Man Phone: 01624 682 100 “...our philosophy is to provide the best possible service with a friendly, efficient and flexible approach at the right price , to enable our clients to meet their personal and business objectives.” OE170012 flexible, and being able to fulfil the key processes and to address unexpected challenges in ever- changing compliance and regulatory environment. The last decade has uncovered new challenges, mainly in the realm of cybersecurity, as more and more corporate entities can potentially suffer massive losses because of IT-related vulnerabilities. Following the key trends, the industry as a whole is gradually moving from devices and locations to roles and data, making data the most valuable asset of a firm and increasing its protection. The emphasis is obviously on switching to the technology-based architectures of the fundamental corporate decision- making chains. The introduction of the “liquid” approach to data management and storage is the recent important “game changer”, and one which the Mann Made Group are focusing on as they seek to offer cutting edge solutions to their clients. Ultimately, it is the group’s client focused approach which has helped it to achieve the success it enjoys today, and this will continue as the group looks to the future, as Alan concludes. “As an IOM based fiduciary focusing on provision individual trust and corporate services in a timely and competent manner, our expertise in corporate and tax advisory, compliance and accounting puts a specific emphasis on the clients’ satisfaction and exceptional customer care. Our expertise, in contrast to our competitors, is reaching synergetic advantages due to combination with tax advisory services, providing the unique combination of tailored advisory product. We pride ourselves on our client focus and the ability to efficiently provide high- level tax and corporate advice and services to add value to client’s business. “The pricing policy follows the principles of clarity and transparency. Loyalty among clients is supported by the finely adjusted system of annual fees, favouring long-term customers by flexible discounts and cost-structuring solutions. The additional flexibility in dealing with long-term expenditures increases the efficiency and reduces paperwork, also enabling all counterparts to agree on all the details of collaboration beforehand. This client focused approach will remain our ongoing focus as we look towards a bright and prosperous future.”

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