Non-Profit Organisation Awards 2023

Acquisition International - Non-Profit Organisation Awards 2023 23 In recent years, it’s become increasingly apparent that the children of Detroit are severely overlooked when it comes to their quality of life. With over 60% of Detroit children under 5 living in poverty, with the vast majority underprepared for kindergarten, it was clear that a change needed to be made. We explore how Brilliant Detroit elected to fill this need, and how it manages to create kid success neighbourhoods all across the city. Apr23319 stablished as a means to coordinate and connect what works for families and children in a central and welcoming location, Brilliant Detroit has set its sights on getting children throughout Detroit ready for the next big step in their lives. It focuses its efforts on providing unwavering support for families and children between the ages of 0-8, in the hopes that it can introduce a stability to those who would otherwise struggle without assistance. Brilliant Detroit values the importance of love, safety, and opportunity, and encourages growth in a way that’s both inspirational and beyond admirable. Due to an overwhelming amount of systemic racism having harsh impacts on predominantly black and brown families across the city, families from all backgrounds are suffering unjust disinvestment from every angle. As a result, the children of these families are left vulnerable and exposed to struggles from an incredibly young age, whether they originate from black, brown, or low-income communities. Brilliant Detroit therefore committed itself towards fostering a learning environment that’s suited to each child’s requirements. In addition, it promotes unity above all else. Brilliant Detroit’s aim is utterly unique, and this lies with its sense of connectivity and community within its practises. Its staff are all aligned with the same goal, and share the same ideals and values which, in turn, allows children from all walks of life to feel seen, safe, and cared for when it comes to their educational wellbeing. Regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, ability, or religion, Brilliant Detroit recognises and affirms every type of person in order to build an internal structure that’s truly special. At its core, Brilliant Detroit is concerned with one thing, and one thing only: to ensure every Detroit child has the opportunity to succeed in school and life. Its ethos is one of immense passion and tenderness, and this is effortlessly expressed through the team’s unwavering dedication towards the communities it seeks to serve. It’s a collective whose efforts are ‘with, for, and by’ families and neighbours, with an emphasis placed on establishing kid success neighbourhoods that’re accessible to all children and families. No matter where a child comes from, they deserve to be given the same opportunities as any other young person, and Brilliant Detroit has structured itself around guaranteeing that no child is left behind. Where you were born, or the community that you’re a part of, shouldn’t hinder your educational journey, and it’s thanks to this mindset that Brilliant Detroit has already managed to garner such tremendous success for children all across Detroit. Its efforts are widely recognised, with its determination and dedication clear for anyone to see. E Family-Focused Education Support Organization of the Year 2023 - Michigan Brilliant Detroit is a beyond selfless organisation that puts the needs of Detroit’s children above anything else. It has set out to challenge the harsh reality that most families in Detroit face, and promises a better tomorrow for the children suffering from the injustice of disinvestment. Partner this with a friendly team of wonderful people who want nothing more than to provide children with the best of the best, and you’ve got an organisation that’s more than deserving of its award-winning status. Contact: Cindy Eggleton Company: Brilliant Detroit Web Address: