M & A Awards 2023

Acquisition International M&A Awards 2023 | 11 Best Middle Market Acquiror 2023 - USA ith a deep-rooted respect and admiration for the founders of the business world, Founders Trust is dedicated to helping those who have built a successful business achieve a successful exit, the most important success of a business owner. Some are ready to retire whilst others would like to continue working within the business as a manager or partner, free of the daily burden of ownership. Founders Trust specializes in buying middle market and lower middle market companies. Its Board of Directors and team has a profound depth of expertise in the acquisition process and in managing companies for long-term growth and stability, and have completed over $4 billion in acquisitions. It acquires companies as a long-term home for the company, does not do layoffs or conglomerations, and focuses on the structural alignment of interests, long term success, and stability of companies. Founders Trust only works with businesses that meet a specific set of criteria. They must be of a certain size and privately owned, be relatively recession-proof with an understandable business model, and generally, a strong management team and successful track record. Owners play a significant role in the management structure, values, character, and priorities of their business. This is true even for large companies like Apple, and it is even more the case with middle market companies. For sellers who want to continue working with their company, yet still achieve that “Physical & Mental FreedomTM,” Founders Trust can acquire either the entire company or a majority interest, and really take that company to the next level, with its depth of expertise, platform, and capabilities for execution on that growth. Other sellers, on the contrary, want to retire. For those sellers, Founders Trust builds in a period of transition, to assure the continuing stability of the company. As part of this transition period, Founders Trust will either train a member from that specific company’s management team to step up to a new role, with the help of Founders Trust and its platform and expertise. Or it will bring in, from its vast and deep bench, an individual or individuals to fill out needed areas of expertise or capability in that company’s management team, again drawing on Founders Trust and its depth of expertise. One of the biggest concerns in selling a company is the disintegration of everything that the founder or owner has built over many years of decades of their life. Founders Trust is a different type of buyer, essentially a ‘white knight’ type of buyer. When it buys businesses, they stay independent, and function autonomously as independent organizations, with the support of Founders Trust, for anything they need. Founders Trust keeps the employees, leadership team, culture, and legacy of the creator and the company. It is not returns driven, but rather, quality of company driven. It operates with a core value that if a company is a good quality company, then over time, long term value will be created. In the acquisition process itself, Founders Trust is a reliable acquisition partner. It does not wait until late in the process to send or agree on the main Agreements. Investment banks, intermediaries, and sellers alike, 360 degrees, are enthusiastically appreciative of this approach, as it eliminates misunderstandings later on in the process, since things are done transparently at the outset. Furthermore, Founders Trust invites all founders to pursue a role in the business on their own schedule, or to adopt a position on the board. This way, they can continue to have a meaningful impact on the company by sharing their expertise with the leadership team. Complementary to this strategy, Founders Trust focuses strongly on employee retention. As well as offering them incentives like part ownership options, the firm works to provide them with the help, support, and specialist advice. For its continued excellence in all areas, Founders Trust has been named Best Middle Market Acquiror in the M&A Awards 2023. Contact: Jon Adams Company: Founders Trust Web Address: www.founderstrust.org Based in the Chicago area, Founders Trust is an acquiror of middle market and lower middle market companies in the U.S. The firm maintains an unwavering focus on preserving companies’ values, existing teams, and independence. It focuses on a transparent, and reliable acquisition process, structural alignment of interests, and the long-term view. W