M&A Awards 2022

Acquisition International - M & A Awards 2022 7 M&A Integration Specialist of the Year 2022 (UK): Samantha French on the M&A landscape. When asked about her role, Samantha comments, ‘As a leader; we all face similar challenges, ensuring we spend the right amount of time with our clients and our teams and ensuring we have time to grow personally. Internally we’ve built a strong relationship with the team, where we value everyone’s knowledge, expertise, and input.’ It is thanks to Samantha’s ingenuity that Virtual Services Company has been able to thrive within the changing industry. In fact, the team are busy working on a mountain of transactions due to close in late 2022 and early 2023, with exciting projects lying in wait for the long-term future. The company is excited about leading the way for newcomers in the industry – this year, Samantha presented to Aston University’s MSc students on Integration and Separation. Virtual Services Company plans to continue fulfilling projects such as this going forwards. Contact: Samantha French Company: Virtual Services Company Web Address: https://www.virtualservicescompany.com/ Email: sam.french@virtualservicescompany.com