M&A Awards 2022

18 Acquisition International - M & A Awards 2022 This gave the client the trust in us to deliver and the fact we made the effort to visit him at his desired location, home, meant we were willing to go the extra mile to achieve for him. We formally engaged on the 15th Jan 2022 and started the process with offers received by the end of march, Heads of Terms end of April and completion early July. We found the perfect buyer who delivered a highly competitive offer with an outstanding structure. From start to finish we concluded in under 7 months for a sub £20m transaction without shortcuts, loss of service and achieved on the clients’ expectations at every turn -Detail by Gary Smith, Managing Director Company: Venture Corporate Finance Contact: Gary Smith, Managing Director Website: https://www.venturecorporatefinance.com Address: 13 Hanover Square, West End, London, W1S 1HU, United Kingdom Email: Info@venturecorporatefinance.com Telephone: 020 3633 0346 M&A Newcomer of the Year 2022 – UK & Best Communications Business Sale 2022 (UK): ADSI Ltd. here are many industries that are experiencing a huge paradigm shift on the back of a wave of newcomers entering well-established sectors with a mindset to change ‘the ways things have always been done’. The same can be said for the M&A sector, albeit with more obstacles lining the path to success – after all, there’s much to be said for name recognition, and a recognised brand when it comes to organising or managing deals of any size. Venture Corporate Finance has swiftly made its mark on the incredibly competitive arena by endeavouring to deliver clear, expert, transparent M&A advisory services that, simply, delivers, meeting – if not exceeding – expectations. Here, Gary offers more insight into the firm’s competitive edge, “We offer the most effective M&A solution within our niche marketplace that places the shareholders first and foremost enabling us to deliver exception service, as well as effective M&A solutions and transactions that conclude within 7 months.” This niche industry in which Venture Corporate Finance operates is the IT, Telecoms and Software as a Service (SaaS) markets, and more specifically those businesses that achieve £1m to £20m of turnover. “We do not engage with a seller until we have all agreed the valuation of the company and the readiness of the business for sale. Ultimately, we deliver what we promise to our clients. When we engage with a seller we know that we are highly likely to complete a transaction and we do not charge a penny until we deliver on that outcome.” By building a reputation through transparency and efficiency, Venture Corporate Finance is securing its position as one of the most promising new businesses to enter the global M&A market in quite some time. Its success speaks for itself, as Gary concludes. “In our first year of operation we have started from a zero start to completing 7 transactions within a 12-month period. Proving our model, our service and reach.” Best Communications Business Sale 2022 (UK): ADSI Ltd. - ADSI Limited Business Sale UK Jul 07, 2022 We first met with the client in January 22 and quickly won the sale mandate over competitors who had been in the sector for 15+ years. Our process was very clearly communicated, our fees were competitive, and we set a very clear timetable for each stage. T M&A is a difficult industry to gain a foothold in. By all regards, it’s not common for a business to enter the industry and immediately make an impact. But that’s exactly what Venture Corporate Finance has achieved. Following its success in the 2022 programme, we spoke with Managing Director Gary Smith to find out more. Oct22613 Venture Corporate Finance