M&A Awards 2019

4 Acquisition International - 2019 M&A Awards Lastly, the firm take great efforts to establish long-term relationships, which allows Singular to provide the best advice for its clients, which is key to the success of the company. The team aim to maximise value for stakeholders, even if that leads to not closing a transaction. Building a relationship of this sort means that both companies can build up a trust, which might pay off further down the line. With all this in mind, it’s no wonder that Singular Partners have been so successful. Looking forward, Singular Partners intends to keep up themomentum that has carried it so far, continuing to earn those all-important relationships that are critical to business success. The objective is to complete 2-3 important transactions a year. This means that 10- 12 projects must be in progress at any one point, albeit at different phases, to ensure the high quality and senior attention that mark Singular Partners as unique. It’s no surprise that this client-focused approach has led to success for Singular Partners and yielded a burgeoning client base over the years. It sets them apart as a firm willing to engage with the needs of their clientele, suggesting an undeniable promise to throw the full weight of their collective experience and knowledge to guarantee the best possible result for their clients. stablished in 2003, Singular Partners has truly gone from strength to strength over the past sixteen years. Able to provide guidance to clients in many areas, Singular’s differentiated approach, unique knowledge of the Brazilian market, expansive expertise and network of corporate relationships has served to distinguish the firm in what is, by all regards, a highly competitive industry. Singular handles a variety of cases, providing financial advisory services to large corporations, shareholders, boards of directors as well as family-owned or controlled businesses, where continuity, succession and intra-family issues are critical factors of success. As an investment banking firm, Singular receives a number of different requests from clients for a variety of assignments. These can be related to acquisitions, sales and divestitures, mergers, joint ventures, buyouts, debt restructurings, fairness opinions, among others. Singular acts in the whole process of M&A, suggesting appropriate strategies and transaction structures, handling financial details, negotiating with targets or potential buyers and coordinating the due diligence process. One of the appeals of Singular is its focus on execution, which assures higher quality of services compared to several investment banks and M&A boutiques operating on the country. Its long-term approach also puts Singular in a distinguished position, assuring the highest ethical standards, unbiased and independent financial advisory, ensuring highest levels of success, reliability and satisfaction. These factors mark Singular Partners out as a specialist in the area, but as far as it’s concerned, the key to their achievements can be found in a number of specific individual elements. Firstly, they are devoted to excellence in Execution, obsessed with the highest quality standards and attention to detail over all phases of the process. Secondly, their experience and senior dedication is without parallel. As one of the largest and most skilled M&A boutiques in Brazil, they have a great deal of experience working with leading companies in their respective industries. The use of a partnership model has permitted them to attract, retain and compensate profes- sionals of the highest calibre. Moreover, their professionals have a deep knowledge of the local market and a proven capacity of providing complete and differentiated financial advice. E Best M&A Investment Banking Firm – Brazil & Most Client-Focused M&A Advisory 2019 - Brazil Having completed more than 60 M&A transactions, totalling more than R$25 billion in deal value, Singular Partners is an independent and unbiased investment banking firm focused on Mergers & Acquisitions, Private Placements and Capital Markets advisory services. With a differentiated approach, focused on execution, excellence and long-term perspective, they are clearly aligned with their client’s interests which results in longstanding relationships with recurring assignments for different type of transactions from the same client. We endeavoured to find out more. Singular Partners:

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