2019 Legal Awards

36 Acquisition International - 2019 Legal Awards “Here at Reinicke Ostria - Estudio de Abogados, we allow each member to have their voices heard. Alongside this, teams within a certain case, or of a certain client, are also encouraged to innovate and make cases their own, as long as they offer a compelling, fact and legal-driven case. Leaders at all levels strive to be inclusive and hide nothing from their teams.” Additionally, we focus on the best fit for both talent and clients, as well as encourage our lawyers to flourish through unique perks such as 50% tuition assistance for master degrees and executive education programs, monthly dinners, and ‘LawTalks’ from experts, both from the firm and external to it. Finally, our culture fosters a feeling that everyone is approachable and on the same side. This allows fresh new ideas to percolate through the organization, invigorating old values to be more adaptive.” As for what the future holds, one of Reinicke Ostria - Estudio de Abogados’ next goal is already underway, which is to double the size of their Santa Cruz’s office. To date, the firm have already acquired new office grounds in a brand-new building, which is under development and will be complete by June 2020. Envision what the next few years hold for the firm, Benjamin signs off by revealing what plans the team at Reinicke Ostria - Estudio de Abogados have in the pipeline going forward. “By 2021, we would like to open a branch office either in Chile or Panama, we are still finishing the due diligence to determine which country. On a side note, one of our partners has just finished an executive education course at INCAE Business School and won a competition in which INCAE professionals will come to our Cochabamba’s office as consultants and will create a case study, based on our firm, for future INCAE law courses.” Contact: Benjamin Reinicke Ostria Company: Reinicke Ostria - Estudio de Abogados Address: Av. Uyuni, esq. Pasaje Misael Saracho, Edif. Reinicke, Planta Baja, Cochabamba - Bolivia Telephone: (591) 60730051 Web Address: www.reinickeostria.com Reinicke Ostria - Estudio de Abogados strives to redefine the role that a firm plays in an emerging international market, in order to produce truly exceptional results for their clients. With countless accolades under their belt, we discovered more about the award-winning firm when we caught up with Benjamin Reinicke Ostria who revealed the secrets behind the company’s remarkable success. ounded in 2000, Reinicke Ostria - Estudio de Abogados was formed with the initial aim of providing legal excellence by offering high levels of quality and efficiency in each and every one of the legal issues they address. Today, the firm’s main priority is to establish and maintain long-term relationships with clients that are based on reciprocity, trust and the highest standards of professional ethics, as Benjamin begins to explains. “Through the adoption of new models for the provision of legal services, we strive to redefine the role that a firm plays in an emerging international market, in order to produce truly exceptional results for our clients. The focus of our practice is to develop, as soon as possible, a solid strategy and understanding of the circumstances of each of our clients. Since our inception, we have built a reputation for being aggressive and creative on behalf of our diverse clients across the board.” Helping to maintain the firm’s reputation, whilst working hard to expand the business and the services they provide, is the experienced, dynamic and committed team employed at Reinicke Ostria - Estudio de Abogados. When discussing the internal culture, Benjamin is keen to highlight the significant role the team plays in the overall success of the firm, touching on how they have created an environment that is based on team work, diversity and inclusion. Best Labour Law Firm – Bolivia & Award for Excellence to Legal Professional Development F

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