2019 Legal Awards

Acquisition International - 2019 Legal Awards 31 Röhrborn LLP Best Boutique Law Firm 2019 - Germany stablished in 2012, Röhrborn LLP is a boutique law firm focusing on corporate transactions - predominantly M&A and financings, representing entrepreneurs, start-ups, growth companies, and Investors. With a deep understanding of both sides of the table, Röhrborn LLP are able to offer their clients a truly expert legal team. When asking their clients, what comes to mind when they speak about the firm, is entrepreneurialism, pragmatism, responsiveness, huge contact network combined with in-depth legal expertise. In addition to this, the firm also assists their clients with straight acquisitions, strategic investments, equity financing rounds, bridge financing, venture debt, asset deals, build-ups and trade sales. Going into further detail, Dr. Raoul Müller begins by informing us of how the firm is able to provide their clients with an exceptional service every time, especially one that not only meets their requirements but also exceed their expectations. “Through our extensive knowledge, strategic business and focused legal approach, creative and out-of-the-box solution orientated thinking and broad network, we position ourselves as more than just an outsourced legal department. Additionally, we add that extra advantage and unique value to our clients by taking most of the workload and letting our clients focus on what they do best: their daily business.” As a boutique, award-winning law firm, Röhrborn LLP very rarely encounters internal challenges, compared with major law practices Röhrborn LLP is a boutique law firm for corporate, M&A, venture capital and private equity. We caught up with Dr. Raoul Müller who revealed the secrets behind their enduring success. E who often struggle with a plethora of issues, from differing strategic views, client conflicts, internal friction due to excessive administrative requirements, as well as hierarchical thinking. The internal culture at Röhrborn LLP is extremely close, with the firm working tirelessly to ensure that they strengthen their team spirit. When discussing the internal culture, Dr. Müller is keen to highlight the significant role the team plays in the firm’s overall success, as well as how they attract the very best talent to the practice. “Here at Röhrborn LLP, each one of our lawyers is willing and incentivized to dedicate a substantial part of their lives to let the firm prosper. Prior to joining the practice, each lawyer had worked for top ranked and internationally recognized law firms or corporates, and in addition, over the years each of our lawyers has built up a large network. At Röhrborn LLP, we only hire employees with whom we have already worked successfully - be it on the same side or on the opposite side.” Ultimately, the future looks bright for the team at Röhrborn LLP as they continue to further cement themselves as key players within this competitive industry. Bringing the interview to a close, Dr. Müller signs off what the future looks for the firm, touching on how they hope to further expand their business, presence and the services they provide in the years to come. “Going forward, other than legal advice, we are eager to offer our clients a variety of project management solutions. From managing the process of buying non-German based targets to gaining required regulatory permits or even to turn around struggling start-ups, we are planning to become a trusted partner for start-ups for all their demands they cannot cover inhouse.” Contact: Dr. Raoul Müller, LL.M. Address: HQ: Destouchesstraße 4, 80803 München Reinhardtstr. 47, 10117 Berlin Telephone: +49 89 809 902 900 Web Address: www.roehrborn.com Oct19167

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