2019 Legal Awards

Acquisition International - 2019 Legal Awards 27 future. This is relevant in many areas, especially, immigration, family, litigation. However, this also makes our profession so challenging and difficult at times!” On top of her outstanding immigration work in helping families and individuals cultivate new lives for themselves, Donnery & Co. has also benefitted the Irish economy in many ways. Elizaveta’s law firm has proven to be a prominent figure in providing legal advice to foreign clients and investors from Russia and China amongst others, injecting valuable growth into the economy. This role is one that Elizaveta is keen to develop moving forward, with specific goals in mind. “My strategy and goal is to work on developing further economic activity and business relationships between Ireland, UK, Russia and other countries. I aim to continue providing high quality legal advice to all clients who are interested in investing either funds or highly skilled workers into the Irish economy.” For Elizaveta and Donnery & Co., the work never stops and nor does the success. Having been responsible for changing lives for the better and injecting some financial growth into Ireland’s economy through foreign investment, this remarkable Russian-speaking solicitor and her firm are set to reach meteoric heights. Contact: Elizaveta Donnery Website: http://www.dtsolicitors.ie/ Donnery & Co. Solicitors Best Immigration Law Firm 2019 - the Republic of Ireland or legal firms today, being well-versed and equipped to deal with many areas of law is as important as being knowledgeable about them. At Donnery & Co., the firm bring both together. Working in the areas of immigration, commercial, property, contract, employment, family, and litigation law, this Irish law firm bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to deliver outstanding results for clients all over the world. Russian-speaking solicitor Elizaveta Donnery, founder and owner of Donnery & Co., is qualified to practice across Ireland, England, Wales and Russia, admitted on various solicitor rolls across the country. Also a Notary Public in the Republic of Ireland, Elizaveta began her legal journey working with one of the largest Irish corporate law firms before going on to start her own firm over nine years ago. As for how to cultivate a successful practice, Elizaveta sheds light on her approach to that. “I think a key to a successful practice is to be able to develop an individual approach to each client and their needs. This is now especially prevalent with the legal sector and society in general facing massive challenges in immigration law and human rights issues.” Understanding that each client who works with her firm has totally unique needs and requires a different skill set, Elizaveta applies her extensive experience and knowledge on a daily basis when dealing with clients, especially within immigration law. Collaboration and sharing information is also vital in ensuring that no matter what case comes across the desk, the team at Donnery & Co. is ready and willing to help. Elizaveta shared her thoughts on strong professional relationships with us. “I always though good professional relationship with competitors and peers is a key to a successful practice. I have a corporate background and it helps in running my own practice now. It’s important to learn from each other, exchange experience and knowledge. I have a unique set of skills and qualifications and this makes my firm different from other ones.” Within the more specific field of immigration law, Donnery & Co. work with both private clients and large foreign investors who are interested in the various immigrant programs across Ireland. Elizaveta also understands that she plays a vital role in shaping a person’s future. She explains, “The most rewarding aspect in our profession, in my view, is realization when the case is finished, this made a difference to someone's Established by Elizaveta Donnery, a Russian-speaking solicitor, Donnery & Co. Solicitors is an Irish law firm offering a range of legal services to clients both foreign and domestic. Following the firm’s win in Acquisition International’s Legal Awards 2019 as the best immigration law firm, we caught up with Elizaveta to learn more about the success of both her and her business. F

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