2019 Legal Awards

26 Acquisition International - 2019 Legal Awards Recognised Leaders in Tax Consulting 2019/20 - Norway B Thanks to the expertise and unique background of its Founder and Namesake, Dr. K. Olsen Global Tax is able to offer its clients from around the world and across the corporate landscape the tax advice and support they need to succeed. We profile the firm to find out more about how far it has come over the years to win one of this year’s coveted AI Legal Awards. ased in Norway, Dr. K. Olsen Global Tax specialises in supporting international companies to ensure that they are compliant with all relevant legislation and pay the appropriate taxes in every region they operate in. Multi-award-winning and Chartered Global Tax Advisor Knut Olsen founded the firm based on his expertise in the global tax market, which has previously included supporting international household names such as H&M, BP, Telenor, Jotun and Sevan Marine. His knowledge of the tax and VAT markets spans more than 38 years. Today, Knut works with awide range of revered brands and companies, including Ryanair, and many more. All of these clients rely on Knut to provide them with the global taxation expertise they need to remain constantly compliant in this fast-paced and ever-evolving space. To ensure his advice is constantly ahead of emerging market developments, Knut works hard to keep up-to-date with the latest taxation changes and immerse himself in the global taxation space. This benefits his clients and ensures that the services he offers are always cutting-edge and completely innovative. These services are wide ranging and include Transfer Pricing, global tax risk management and mitigation, tax management for hire, tax appeals and support on tax investigation, M&A support, and due diligence as well as internal investigation and tax review of subsidiaries. Each of these services is provided to the highest possible standard, with Knut working hard to make himself available whenever a client Company: Dr. K. Olsen Global Tax Lachmannsvei 6e 0495 Oslo, Norway Email: Knut.tax@gmail.com Phone: +47 994853745 Contact: Knut Olsen Website: knutolsen.com Dr. K. Olsen Global Tax “All of these clients rely on Knut to provide them with the global taxation expertise they need to remain constantly compliant in this fast-paced and ever-evolving space.” needs support so that they feel comfortable throughout the process. Alongside supporting clients, Knut also shares his knowledge and expertise with the wider global tax market by publishing articles in some of the world’s most revered and respected legal journals and magazines such as LexisNexis. As a result, he is able to contribute to the enhancement of the tax market’s knowledge. Ultimately, Dr. K. Olsen Global Tax’s client-focused approach, combined with its Founder’s extensive market expertise, has helped the company to flourish in the global tax space, and going forward Knut will continue to support some of the world’s largest businesses and provide them with the award-winning services they have come to rely on and trust.

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