2019 Legal Awards

24 Acquisition International - 2019 Legal Awards stage and mid-sized corporate clients are demanding services in multiple jurisdictions. In order to provide for such demand, ALV is the Brazilian member of Warwick Legal Network (WLN), an international association of law firms founded in 2001, active in around 40 countries distributed within 4 continents, and specially dedicated to mid-market clients. WLN has also formed a strategic partnership with Asean Legal Alliance (ALA), reaching over 13 law firms across 20 cities in Asia. At the heart of ALV’s success is their ability to seamlessly and effortlessly combine expert legal advice with strategic business management and compliance matters. As the future will likely see a shift in the relationships between law firms and their clients, this Brazilian firm are well-prepared for the future having already established an exemplary culture of learning a clients’ business details in depth. Contact: Guilherme Andrade Website: http://andradelacaz.com.br/ Andrade, Lacaz & Vasconcelos Advogados M&A Law Firm of the Year 2019 - Brazil mid-sized commercial law firm based in São Paulo, ALV advise national and foreign clients in both consulting and litigation areas. Despite being mostly focused on business law, the firm do offer a full array of highly-sophisticated legal services for clients to tap into. These include M&A, corporate, contract, business litigation, real estate, bankruptcy and reorganization, employment, capital markets, intellectual property, and other commercial, transactional or individual services, depending on client requirements. Striving to build long-term relationships with clients, ALV works to understand clients and businesses in depth, offering themunparalleled knowledge and insight to ensure that every case is as watertight as possible. This can only be achieved by a collaborative team of encouraged individuals, all working together in an environment where every member is valued. This collaboration and knowledge can help ALV deliver truly unmatched legal services, some of the finest for companies both domestic and foreign. Not only does this add unique value to the firm’s service, but it establishes strong links to companies across Brazil and further afield, cementing the firm as the immediate choice for legal advice when it is needed. For legal firms today, it is not only important to be well-versed and highly-skilled in law, but also the fundamentals of business. Since lawyers are often involved in key decisions of their clients, it has become mandatory to learn about the key concepts, such as accounting, economics, marketing, project management & business management. The lawyers at ALV have adopted this approach, providing not just top-quality legal advice, but sterling business advice too. Internally, the culture at ALV is nothing short of exceptional. Encouraging growth and collaboration, the team work together on challenging cases and complex problem-solving to provide outstanding results. When looking to hire new lawyers, the firm believe a solid education is key for success, and pay extra attention to academic achievements and background. Once integrated into the firm, the challenging environment enables staff to continue their development as professionals. Business relations among companies from different jurisdictions are no longer a privilege of big commercial conglomerates, as growth- As lawyers are slowly becoming more like business advisors with legal expertise, it is important for law firms of all varieties to have a keen corporate understanding. Brazilian legal firm Andrade, Lacaz & Vasconcelos Advogados (ALV) are leveraging their legal analysis skills with strategic business management to deliver key legal results for businesses across the country. We profiled the firm to learn more about their award-winning success. A

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