M&A Awards 2019

Acquisition International - 2019 M&A Awards 13 Based in Toronto, Shadow Lake Group Inc. is a boutique life sciences business development advisory firm operating with a truly global focus. Armed with practical, hands-on expertise in healthcare, scientific research, intellectual property and business development, discover how the firm has become one of 2019’s best for life science mergers and acquisitions. hen it comes to transaction advisory services, having the professional insight of a level-headed and knowledgeable firm can be the difference between a good deal, and a great one. SLG, founded in 2016, has quickly risen to become one of Canada’s best for life science M&A, able to operate across the entire world. In the short years since the firm’s formation, it has handled billions of dollars’ worth of transactions working with clients that range from seed-stage biotech companies to multinational pharmaceutical corporations. Comprised of a highly-experienced team of multidisciplinary specialists, the leadership and management alone at SLG bring more than eighty years and $13.5 billion in transactional experience. The firm’s managing partners, Cathy Miner and John Proffett have ensured that the firm is always well-positioned to navigate through every stage of complex transaction, whilst delivering customized and strategic advisory services. With practical experience in healthcare, science and business development, the firm fulfil the need for third- party representation during the transaction process, whilst offering knowledge that can lead to more favourable business outcomes. Having a steadfast and strong presence in any M&A dealings is vastly useful, but SLG bring even more to the table. Alongside its perceptive ability to foresee problems and stumbling blocks in any deal, the firm leverages its own tremendously creative problem solving skills to resolve any issues. Tackling the most complex challenges with equally unique solutions has seen the firm complete some of the most outstanding transactional services in the industry today. One of the firm’s most notable recent cases is its partnership with HLS Therapeutics. The client was seeking a license agreement for Canadian rights to use Amarin’s drug Vascepa to reduce cardiovascular risk. SLG was able to convince biopharmaceutical company Amarin that both the Canadian market and HLS Therapeutics was a viable opportunity, and a licensing transaction was agreed. Since then, medical professionals have cited that Amarin’s drug, Vascepa, has truly blockbuster potential for Canadian and US healthcare markets. SLG was instrumental in manufacturing and overseeing this deal that could have positive effects in North America for years to come. The team’s diverse range of experience means they are capable of tackling a full spectrum of activities within any deal. This allows for an adaptable and customizable approach that best fits each individual situation or opportunity. Alongside the firm’s unmatched excellence W within mergers and acquisitions for the life sciences sector, its other transactional specialities include divestitures, asset purchase, due diligence, licensing, and intellectual property amongst others. It isn’t simply transactional services where SLG excels either, with significant experience proving invaluable for clients at strategic consulting and financial valuation stages. At the heart of the firm’s services however, is ensuring that all parties are happy with a specific merger or acquisition. SLG’s client- centric approach is its backbone, believing that it should always act as an extension of the client. With tight internal processes and excellent communication, each client gets the very best service from the entire team at the firm. Regular conference travel means the firm has a constantly-developing awareness of advancements within the life sciences industry through connections with the leading biotech and pharmaceutical firms. Healthcare and life sciences are constantly changing, which means remaining up-to-date with the latest regulations and transactions can be tough. SLG’s very diverse and experienced leadership team will continue to steer the firm in the right direction, constantly adapting to new opportunities in its endeavour to continue delivering the best results for clients across the world. Company: Shadow Lake Group Inc. Contact: Cathy Miner Website: www.shadowlakegroup.com Best Life Science M&A Advisors 2019

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