M&A Awards 2017

8 Acquisition International - M&A Awards 2017 Invesco Ltd M&A Advisory Most Anticipated ETF Deal: Invesco/Source Best Sell Side Advisor – International Marcoms Invesco M&A Advisory Invesco is an independent investment management firm dedicated to delivering an investment experience that helps people get more out of life. We caught up with Edgar Holmann to find out more about the firm and the range of services it offers. M&A Advisory is a marketing communications specialist drawing on its twenty-year heritage of working in the sector. The firm has a close understanding all aspects of ‘people business’ transactions. We invited David Blois to talk us through the firm and the range of services it offers. MA170010 MA170018 With more than 6,500 employees and an on-the-ground presence in more than 20 countries, Invesco is well positioned to meet the needs of investors across the globe. Invesco is privileged to manage more than $834 billion in assets on behalf of clients worldwide as of March 31, 2017. Edgar outlines how the firm works to offer a truly global solution to its clients around the world. “Here at Invesco, we have specialized investment teams managing investments across a broad range of asset classes, investment styles and geographies. We provide a comprehensive range of investment capabilities and outcomes, delivered through a diverse set of investment vehicles, to help clients achieve their investment objectives. Drawing on the vast expertise of our staff, we have a significant presence in the retail and institutional markets within the investment management industry in North America, UK, Europe, Middle East and Asia-Pacific, serving clients in more than 100 countries.” “As an independent firm, our global organization is solely focused on investment management. We direct all of our intellectual capital, global strength and operational stability toward helping clients achieve their investment objectives. We have a broad and deep presence in key markets across the globe, as well as a proximity to our clients with an on- the-ground presence in more than 20 countries. Additionally, our firm Thanks to its vast experience in the industry, M&A Advisory works for a whole range of clients from larger firms with £3m plus operating profits down to smaller agencies and provides a top quality professional service to all. In the last year the firm completed six transactions. Two were international sell side mandates for companies in Sweden and Turkey, two were sell side mandates for UK based companies and the remaining two were buy-side projects. David discusses the firm’s service offering in more detail and outlines how the firm aims to offer clients the very highest standards of service. “Here at M&A Advisory, we provide a high quality end to end M&A service for our clients including initial strategic consulting, preparation of information, candidate research, facilitation, negotiation, project management of the legal and due diligence process and overseeing of any earn out. One of our larger deals was representing Pond Innovation, a digital innovation consultancy, in its sale to PwC. As a specialist, we have a sound knowledge covering all sizes of agencies across the industry. When this is combined with solid business experience, not just M&A experience, our successful deal completion rates soar well above industry norms.” Thanks to a number of exciting developments in the M&A market, including the increasing fragmentation of acquirers, David and his team have an opportunity laden future and are determined to build upon their current success, as he concludes. “As a firm, we are very positive about the future. We have grown year on year since inception and clients are coming to us based on our reputation for finding successful solutions. Thanks to changes in the market it can be a challenge for us to locate, contact and create relationships with all these acquirers, but it also represents an opportunity in terms of increasing the overall buyer pool for our clients which we are excited to take advantage of.” boasts solid margins, financial stability and the resources to continue our long-term investment in the business and more than 6,500 highly engaged and motivated employees focused on client needs. We also have a proven management team with a solid track record.” Ultimately this international team and the expertise it brings with it is what sets the firm apart from its competitors, as Edgar concludes. “Overall, one of Invesco’s great strengths is our separate, distinct investment teams in multiple markets across the globe. A key focus of our business is fostering a strong investment culture and providing the support that enables our investment teams to maintain well-performing investment capabilities. The ability to leverage the capabilities of our investment teams to help clients across the globe achieve their investment objectives is a significant differentiator for our firm.” Company: M&A Advisory Contact: David Blois Contact Email: davidb@mandaadvisory.com Address: Unit 23, St Hilda’s Wharf, 5th floor 160, Wapping High Street, London, E1W 3PG, UK Phone: +44 207 680 9849 Website: www.mandaadvisory.com Company: Invesco Ltd. Contact: Edgar Holmann Contact Email: Edgar.Holmann@invesco.com Address: Two Peachtree Pointe, 1555 Peachtree Street NE, Suite 1800, Atlanta, GA 30309, USA Phone: 1 404-439-3398 Website: www.invesco.com

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