Legal Awards 2023

Aug22499 8 | Acquisition International Legal Awards 2023 Sep23369 IP Law Firm of the Year 2023 - Central Europe EXANTE is living proof that under the right conditions, and with the right mix of people coming together to unite, a law firm can blossom to seemingly arise from nowhere. The company began with little in the way of initial capital, working out of a small, one-desk office, but in the space of just 2 short years it has risen to become the number one law firm in Slovakia, as named by the prestigious Lawyers Global organisation. The fast-growing firm has a particular focus on consulting with clients who possess a global reach. Through being recognised for its good and consistent work, it has also been able to build a strong brand name on the Slovak law market. This means it no longer has to use its wiles when it comes to client acquisition, because these days clients find the firm by themselves. Of course, however they’ve come to be a patron, every client with any problem is equally as important to LEXANTE, who bases its own worth on the quality of the services it provides. The company name LEXANTE was created by combining the Latin word LEX, meaning law, with the word ANTE, which can be interpreted in the form of EX ANTE as meaning a preliminary legal assessment. The name is becoming well known, and immediately declares the law firm as a strong player with great prospects in Slovakia. The main goal of LEXANTE is to provide clients with an approach that can be simply summarized as “leave it with us”, as it wants its clients to leave all their problems, issues, and stress on its shoulders, where they will be fully taken care of. With LEXANTE’s client roster growing steadily, the company began looking for a place to expand its services. It settled on the strategically relevant new branch in Banská Bystrica, which is a kind of imaginary centre of Slovakia. This means client access from every corner of the country is now comfortably achievable. It hopes to become a leader within the Slovak market for legal services, followed by trying to achieve the same within the larger European framework. The way that LEXANTE approaches the law can be compared to a hospital full of doctors, all fully qualified but specialising in different health areas. It’s the same in law, with LEXANTE taking the notion that within its team of experts, each should concentrate on what they are really good at. This is the best way it’s found to bring client cases to conclusion successfully. At LEXANTE, every client can be sure they are getting legal services of the highest quality from an experienced expert who knows a specific legal field in detail. This means clients can always be advised of the most effective solution to their problems, with effective procedures proposed that fulfil demands of the highest order. The biggest competitive advantage of LEXANTE is that it is home to an experienced team of experts in so many specific fields. The mix is ideal, with professionals ranging in age from the young and ambitious to those who began practising before, during, and after the independence of Slovakia. This means the company can be sure every development made in the field, whether large or small, will be fully taken into account by its experienced attorney team. They all know that in life, as well as in work, it is sometimes necessary to learn how to turn a disadvantage into an advantage, and learn from it. The most unique thing the firm offers is the combination of young ferocity with experience, which is something that is guaranteed to be of benefit for every client the company serves. As the recently announced winner of IP Law Firm of the Year 2023 - Central Europe, in the AI Legal Awards, LEXANTE is certainly moving forward at a pace that is to be truly admired. Company: LEXANTE s.r.o. Web Address: Contact Name: Matúš Červený LEXANTE law firm is a young dynamic company that was established in Bratislava, Slovakia in 2020. It provides comprehensive legal advice for individuals and companies with a local and global reach. The team consists of lawyers and financial experts with more than 40 years’ experience between them on the domestic and international market. L