Leading Adviser Awards 2023

9 | Acquisition International, Leading Adviser Awards 2023 Issue 12 2023, Acquisition International | 21 Mick Todd: MEA’s Leadership Coach of the Year or as long as he can remember, Mick Todd has been focused on leadership, from his years in education to his genuine aspirations as a professional rugby coach. Whilst studying psychology and organisational behaviour at CQUniversity, he found inspiration in a quote from Donald O. Clifton, the American psychologist who created the Gallup StrengthsFinder®. Donald said, “What will happen when we focus on what is right with people rather than fixating on what is wrong with them?” Mick pondered this quote and was inspired to pursue a line of work in which he could spend his life focusing on the strengths of people, teams, and organisations in order to help them succeed. He later began delivering coaching services in Dubai, serving his first personal clients Billy and Amanda Harkin, as well as his first professional clients Ben Corrigan and the Bluehaus Group team. Deeply influenced by Donald O. Clifton, Mick has built 2b Limitless and its offerings around Gallup StrengthsFinder®. He even gained certification as an Advanced Gallup CliftonStrengths® Master Coach in 2020. Over the years, Mick has led 2b Limitless to establish itself as a strengths-based, engagement-oriented, and performancedriven business focused on coaching, training, coach certification, and accreditation. The company serves highperforming individuals, teams, and organisations, providing them with services such as coach education programmes, one-toone coaching, and corporate training and workshops. Michael has worked hard to build this customer base, which now spans across the world and consists of many amazing people who he appreciates for their ongoing support, belief, and partnership. He feels that he has been lucky to work with clients who have truly championed himself and his business. He shares, “I am humbled to work with so many great people all over the world.” Michael strongly believes in the value of the work 2b Limitless does. The company’s mission is to excite, engage, and transform through learning experiences that are inspirational and centred around strengths. By fulfilling its purpose, it empowers organisations and people to maximise the value they bring to the world. In 2018, Michael decided to partner with Peter Charles Turner, an executive leadership and performance coach with a diverse background in education, applied psychology, elite level sports coaching, and organisational engagement and performance training. This partnership brought about significant positive change for 2b Limitless. Michael explains, “Outside marrying my wife, this is the best decision I have ever made and has led to genuine growth in the business.” Today, 2b Limitless operates based on seven core values: compassion, excellence, positivity, integrity, challenge, fun, and inspiration. As the business has grown from a one-man band focused on Dubai to a thriving partnership that operates across 40 countries, these values have evolved significantly and are now more reflective of its position as a diverse business with a real ‘collective effervescence’. For anyone seeking personal, professional, team coaching, or organisational development expertise, Mick is the global coach of choice, helping them to elevate their personal and professional success. His awards and achievements reflect his mastery of the skills he has gained, and the impact he has had on his field. As a result of his excellent work, Mick has received a plethora of positive feedback. For example, on his LinkedIn profile, one client states, “Mick has been a great influence on my life and career. Mick has acted as an executive coach both for me personally and for my group at my previous employer. Mick’s coaching is powerful and insightful, and he goes ‘over and beyond’ in many ways; I recommend Mick and 2bLimitless, unreservedly.” In light of this glowing praise, it is no surprise that Mick Todd has received yet another title to add to his ever-growing list of prestigious accolades. He has recently been named Leadership Coach of the Year, MEA, in the Leading Adviser Awards 2023. Considering his impressive journey thus far, there is no doubt that he looks towards a bright future. We wish him and his team at 2b Limitless the best of luck in the years to come. Contact: Mick Todd Company: 2b Limitless LLC Web Address: www.2blimitless.com Headquartered in Dubai, 2b Limitless LLC is a globally recognised corporate, personal, and executive leadership coaching and training company that aims to help great individuals, teams, and organisations reach the next level. The company is steered by Founder and CEO Mick Todd along with his Partner and Head of Coach Accreditation - Peter Charles Turner. Here, we explore his journey thus far and the reasons behind his success in the Leading Adviser Awards 2023. F