Leading Adviser Awards 2023

36 | Acquisition International, Leading Adviser Awards 2023 Issue 9 2023, Acquisition International | 17 seeking out. The team abides by one resounding rule – to treat each customer as though they’re the most important one of the firm. This is simply because, to Lex Legal Mexico, every client truly is the most important one. It’s thanks to the people that it serves that the team is able to continuously grow and excel, all whilst offering extremely necessary services that result in the best deals for the lowest risk. Lex Legal Mexico truly is the one-stop shop for anyone wanting to establish a business in Mexico. Its team is beyond confident in their abilities, allowing it to pursue greatness again and again, without fail. As a result, it’s mastered the art of capturing a client’s vision through its own lens, all whilst adhering to an exceptional level of customer service. Lex Legal Mexico is renowned for its flexible capabilities, and we believe that no other firm is more deserving of the title of Leading Corporate & Commercial Practice Lawyer of the Year – Mexico. Contact: Fernando Cordoba Garcia Company: LEX LEGAL MEXICO Web Address: https://lexlegal.com.mx/ You Can’t Spell Flexible Without ‘Lex’ Since its inception eight years ago, Lex Legal Mexico has been setting the standard when it comes to corporate and commercial lawyer services. Not only has the firm mastered the art of managing each unique client with equal amount of dedication and expertise, but it’s renowned throughout the region as the go-to for anyone trying to engage in any type of business within Mexico. And, with multiple awards under its belt, Lex Legal Mexico has proven that it’s more than capable of delivering on all of its promises, all whilst maintaining a consistent sense of brilliance. But just how did they manage to rise to its current position, in which they represent more than 100 Asian companies, and over 100 Latin American collectives within Mexico? Backed by Fernando Cordoba Garcia, a man whose corporate and business experience is well recognized in Mexico, the firm has accomplished incredible feats in an astoundingly short amount of time. Having been a licensed lawyer for over ten years, with an MBA, Business Law Certificate, and recognition from Corporate International’s Who’s Who List to his name, Fernando has applied his vast wealth of experience to create something truly special through Lex Legal Mexico. Fernando understands what’s needed for a company to succeed as a startup in Mexico – experience that derives from a combination of his studies and his involvement in the incorporation of more than 500 companies throughout Mexico. As a result of his tireless efforts to constantly remain on top of the industry, he was able to devise the perfect solution to the issues of every and any client. Now, Lex Legal Mexico stands as a representation of his commitment to the field, with its practises serving as a way for companies to flourish throughout their transition to Mexico. However, Lex Legal Mexico’s excellence doesn’t stop with its vastly experienced team. It’s managed to strike the perfect balance between masterfully handling a variety of needs and requirements, without once sacrificing quality in order to get the job done. It presents an unquestionable flexibility that allows it to adapt to a range of client requests, from corporate advice to bookkeeping, trademarking, importing/exporting, legal representation, and much more. This is what Lex Legal Mexico has dubbed as its 360 counsel – an asset that promises every client that their request will never be too difficult to tackle. As such, each individual that partners alongside Lex Legal Mexico can expect the same level of brilliance, regardless of the services they’re Founded in 2015, Lex Legal Mexico is an international corporate firm that serves to help clients who want to establish their business in Mexico. By providing an array of flexible services that are adapted around the needs of its clients, Lex Legal Mexico has mastered what it means to be the Leading Corporate & Commercial Practice Lawyer of the Year – Mexico. LEX LEGAL MEXICO Jul23044