Leading Adviser Awards 2022

Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2022 61 Jan23394 20 Acquisition International - Issue 3 2023 Jan23394 Utilizing Strengths: The Secret to Success Globally recognized coaching and training business based in the UAE, 2b Limitless LLC, provides coaching and training programs that aim to improve the functioning of teams and organizations. Working in over 35 countries around the world, 2b Limitless is a certified provider of the leading performance psychometrics and assessments. Having faced rapid growth in recent years, the company has built an outstanding reputation and provides highquality programs. As a result, the 2b Limitless is 2022’s winner of Leading Professional Coaching & Training Firm of the Year- Middle East assionate about improving the quality and effectiveness of individuals, teams, and organizations, 2b Limitless LLC is a multi-award-winning coaching and training business. Based on the belief that everyone has the potential to excel, the company offers programs that aim to help people succeed by focusing on four factors: strengths, engagement, performance, and transformation. Employing a range of tools and techniques developed over the years, the company aims to help clients maximize their strengths to increase the performance of their team or organization. 2b Limitless is constantly considering the needs of its clients and adapting its services accordingly. The company’s client base consists of CEOs, senior executives, and leaders of a number of professional organizations in the Middle East and internationally. 2b Limitless provides holistic support for their personal and professional development, leading to improved performance within their team and organization. Its clients come from a multitude of different industries, meaning the business has developed expertise in many areas, including financial and legal services, hospitality, banking, oil and gas, tech, retail, e-commerce, and more. Research by IBM has revealed that leaders with the best coaching skills produce better results for their business, emphasizing the importance of what 2b Limitless aims to do: help its clients develop skills that will benefit their business as a whole. As a business based on purpose and values, the company is focused on compassion, excellence, positivity, integrity, challenge, fun, and inspiration. These values continue to evolve as the business grows, shaped by what matters to its team. Keeping its strengthsbased focus at the heart of what it does, all its coaches are Gallup Strengths Coach certified. All coaches have also completed the company’s (AC) Association for Coaching, CPD Standards Office and (ICF) International Coaching Federation - recognized coach training program, 2bAPC (2bAccredited Performance Coach), 2bLC ( 2b Leader as Coach) delivered by Peter Turner, Partner and Head of Coach Education Programs at 2b Limitless. The company is led by Mick Todd, Global Ambassador and Founder, 2b Limitless. Acquisition International’s UAE Executive Coach of the Year 2016. For the last 15 years, he has been dedicated to helping individuals succeed and reach their goals as well as improve their quality of life as a Leadership Coach. Inspired by Mick Todd, the P company’s platinum high-performance leadership, strategy, and goalsetting program, 2b Your Best (2byb), was created. The program allows attendees to work with coaches to set important goals that will help bring about meaningful change. This program continues to make a global impact. Another program 2b Limitless offers is Unleash Your Strengths, a program based on Gallup StrengthsFinder, which is a leading strengths discovery tool completed by almost 300,000 businesses across the globe. In 2022, the program was delivered across the UK, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, the US, New Zealand, and Australia. Given the business’ dedication to helping people, it makes sense that the company considers itself people-focused when it comes to its employees and team as well as its clients. 2b Limitless aims to recruit people with the same values as itself to build a team passionate about the growth of people, teams, and organizations. Having made several recent hires, the company is building a team of individuals with expertise, deep corporate experience, and qualifications. Having experienced rapid growth in reputation and quality in recent years, Mick and Peter has developed new systems and undergoing an upgrade to update their website and reflect its dynamic team and services. The Covid-19 pandemic resulted in challenges to businesses that leaders had never faced before, meaning they required support in these areas. 2b Limitless assisted clients to think differently and consider the opportunities the situation may present to them. In addition, the growth of platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams facilitated the expansion of the company. Moving forward, 2b Limitless continues to focus on its primary market in the Middle East, aiming to deepen its relationship with clients in the UAE, KSA, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar. It is proud to be a keynote sponsor in the ‘Well Being at Work Summit’ in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the UAE. It is also extending its reach by further deepening relationships and developing opportunities across other parts of the world. What makes 2b Limitless stand out is the quality of its programs and the depth of the relationships it forms with its clients, both individuals and businesses. It has created a simple but powerful model for coaching and training focused on intimacy, community, and opportunity, which has enabled the business to thrive and grow. As a result, 2b Limitless is a worthy winner of Leading Professional Coaching & Training Firm of the Year, Middle East, in the AI Leading Adviser Awards 2022, and will no doubt continue to grow throughout 2023 and beyond. Contact: Mick Todd and Peter Turner Company: 2b Limitless Web address: www.2blimitless.com