Leading Adviser Awards 2022

6 Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2022 Jun22388 8 Issue 10 2022 Aug22281 A City Broker You Can Trust After much planning and deliberation, it was on 30th June 2009 that MB Capital was incorporated in West London and the journey of becoming a fully FCA regulated independent financial adviser and wealth manager began. As MB Capital earns the title of ‘Leading Financial Planning Advisory for Bespoke Investment Management, London’ in this issue of SME News magazine, we take a look at what makes this the case. ver a decade later, MB Capital had built a reputation for its ability to look beyond the numbers and treat every client for what they are, a unique person with an individual outlook and set of needs. Its mission statement has always been to work personally with clients and bring back a level of service that it felt was being lost as companies moved to online platforms and reduced the amount of time they spent working with clients on a one-to-one basis. As a company, MB Capital has enjoyed growing organically and greatly appreciates the referrals made by clients, friends and family along the way, as well as the overlap from friends and family becoming clients, alongside clients becoming a part of its friends and family. The company’s clientele is made up of individuals, corporations, and trusts who enjoy working with it across a number of areas within the world of financial planning, including pensions, savings, investments, protection, and tax mitigation. MB Capital doesn’t believe an individual’s life is simply categorised as low, medium, or high risk. That’s why its investment philosophy refuses to put clients in a band and tell them what they should be doing with their money. It treats every client as a person and understands that their preferences and needs may not be the same as any other valued client. This is why it does not pigeonhole clients but discusses all of the available options and creates an investment that ticks all of the boxes for them. As an independent financial adviser and wealth manager, MB Capital’s personal approach involves working closely with clients and their existing financial plans to help ensure they are on course for the future they want, taking into consideration every aspect of their current situation and forming them to match their forward looking aspirations and expectations. Something the company has learned and a key aspect of its service is that it will listen attentively, making sure it clearly understands their financial goals alongside their current wants and needs. It takes pride in being recognised for its service, working with clients in a friendly and professional manner. MB Capital does not take its responsibilities lightly; this is its clients’ hard earned money and it ensures each individual fully understands its advice and works together with them to strive towards their future goals and financial freedom. Since inception and as the business continues to grow and adapt, something that will never change or alter is its principles and values. The embedded culture of integrity within the company ensures it will O always offer honest, independent advice that meets the clients’ wants and needs, not just for today, but over the long-term. Being an independent financial adviser and wealth manager means it can go above and beyond the offerings of a standard IFA. With its increased level of FCA permissions, MB Capital has the ability to build portfolios from individual shareholdings with investment specialists highly qualified in the area. This provides clients with an increased range of investment opportunities and allows further diversification which can also mitigate risk. Its in-house investment committee are available to all clients to provide a closer approach and oversight to their investments and savings. This also gives the company greater control and transparency which, in turn, allows it to provide a higher level of service to clients. As an independently-owned investment company, MB Capital’s ambition remains exactly the same as it was when it started, to fully serve each individual client. Whether they are a seasoned investor or new to investing, it remains committed to delivering a professional service within a personal approach that matches the style, experience, and ambitions of each and every client. Company: MB Capital Contact: Marcus Bullus Email: marcus.bullus@mbcapital.co.uk Website: www.mbcapital.co.uk Aug22281