Leading Adviser Awards 2022

Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2022 57 Nov22335 34 Acquisition International - Issue 1 2023 Delivering Exceptional Global Solutions for Cross-Border Transactions perating across 25 countries and regions, including Brazil, China, France, Germany, Turkey, the UK, and the USA, Horizons Corporate Advisory has become a de facto leader in the sector. By leveraging a multidisciplinary team across these countries, clients can expect the highest level of service, with expert professionals that advise in the comfort of their own language and culture. For Roberto and the senior management team, this approach was and has been crucial in establishing Horizons Corporate Advisory’s brand image in a cross-continental basis. “We provide global corporate solutions for cross-border transactions. Whether the objective is to expand globally or restructure, we assemble experienced experts to deliver sustainable results. Our process involves designating a local team in the country or region of the client as the primary liaison point, allocating an international team in the jurisdictions that the transaction touches, devising the corporate governance framework to connect national and international compliance obligations, and bridging cultural nuances at play. Through this one team, one focal point, and one purpose approach, we erase language, geographical and cultural barriers, as well as deliver transnational corporate solutions that efficiently govern investments.” This dedication to client centricity has proven to be a key distinguisher for the firm, driving its reputation to greater heights. “Clients recognise our professionals as client-centric and dedicated to results-driven solutions. Instead of the traditional listening- executing-invoicing, our international team remain close to clients to predict business difficulties before they materialise,” Roberto confirms. Naturally, the crux of this drive towards best-in-class operations originates from the team at Horizons Corporate Advisor, with a culture that champions strength through diversity. “We attribute success to our diligent team and pride ourselves on embracing inclusivity and diversity. We believe that various backgrounds and expertise tackle challenges with a multifaceted approach. Hence, senior management imbue cross-cultural communication and understanding among its employees. O Nov22335 “Equally, with international clients, it is imperative for employees to gain cultural sensitivity. Failure to understand and communicate with international clients can lead to cascading problems. Hence, we continuously equip employees with the skills to effectively bridge cultural differences. Finally, we place great importance on attracting and retaining talented, high-quality professionals and staff. We rely on their insight, intellectual inquisitiveness, solutions-oriented mindset, and fresh thinking to solve challenging problems. Career opportunities are provided at all employee levels and uniquely formulated to match and develop each talent.” As you may imagine with everything aforementioned, the company has had to navigate significant challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially when it comes to the APAC region. But with challenges, also comes opportunity, as Roberto moves on to discuss. “COVID-19 and the related variants have restricted international travel – especially to and from China. Such regulations have resulted in many headquarters unable to govern subsidiaries from aboard and making them vulnerable to mismanagement and illegal activities. Realising this, we have been established legal tools for clients to regain governance of Chinese subsidiaries. Since the pandemic, we have inundated with requests to conduct due diligence for over 15,000 companies internationally.” Finally, Roberto comments on the future of the company, and how it plans to weather any potential storms on the horizon. “In the coming years, Horizons will continuously develop responsive corporate solutions. Through consistently monitoring the rapid changes in legal, accountancy, tax, and financial space, Horizons nimbly aligns services with new legislation and international practices.” Company: Horizons Corporate Advisory Name: Roberto Gilardino, Regional Partner Email: r.gilardino@horizons-advisory.com Web Address: www.horizons-advisory.com Address: 603B Lippo Plaza, 222 Huaihai (Middle) Road, Huangpu District, 200021 Shanghai, People’s Republic of China Telephone: +86 185 0168 1098 There are few things more complex than tackling the challenges of cross-border transactions in the financial space. As one of the leading experts in such a space, Horizons Corporate Advisory has nurtured an impressive reputation through a dedication to, simply, excellence. Following the firm’s recognition as the APAC Region’s Leading Regional Corporate Governance Advisor of the Year 2022, we spoke with Regional Partner Roberto Gilardino to find out more.