Leading Adviser Awards 2022

54 Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2022 Oct22536 Acquisition International - Issue 12 2022 31 he trials and tribulations within the realm of electric power project development crop up over and over again with the government setting policies and with all of us watching our energy usage. James tells us, “government policies in the electricity generating sector concern difficulties in obtaining equipment for and retirements of baseload facilities and development and construction of projects under changing standards or using novel technologies.” However, studying ways that it can help, Hunton Andrews Kurth has ultimately changed the industry for the better since 1997. With its rich roots and seasoned experts, Hunton Andrews Kurth is holding the torch, leading the way, and illuminating the path towards a greater, stronger, and more efficient future. The very core of the business are linked to “collegiality, responsiveness, and rigorous commercial analysis to solutions,” James says. “We strive to be knowledgeable in risk identification and ready to address solutions or mitigating considerations in pursuit of client transactional and project goals. Having been engaged on some projects over years and even decades and undertaking developmentphase work sometimes over 3-5 years, we also work to maintain focus and institutional memory and consistency. Our core values have remained the same in my experience.” “We’ve been accustomed to working at distances from clients’ and interacting using communications media, so our own practices have remained fairly consistent. We can see that the people engaging in bringing projects into existence have had difficulties coordinating and completing their efforts and appreciate the sacrifices they have made to keep lights on, commodities moving, utilities working, and goods being available.” With the fire inside it to grow and expand the firm even further, James is leading with respect, experience, and much admiration for his team. Branching into a deeper level of service for integral power and transportation-related activities, including liquified natural gas transport and fuel operations, for combined cycle generation and railway projects including cross-border railway projects, Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP is on course to achieve even more in the coming years. The team is full to the brim of individuals who have a strong work ethic, understanding of clients’ needs, and many years of experience behind them. James summarises, “We place high value T on an applicants’ flexibility, willingness to learn in new areas, and ability to handle multiple matters in more than just a few areas of deep knowledge.” It won’t be long until Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP is a household name, as it continues to spark our interest and help our projects to develop. We are proud to award James with Leading Electric Power Project Development Lawyer of the Year 2022, Southeast Asia, as the firm continues to go above and beyond for every one of its clients. Electric power project development industry challenges are rife, and we don’t always know how to find a way forward. Luckily, we have found Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP and we are presented with a chance to understand all the steps ahead of us. Here we talk to James P. Bradley as he wins Leading Electric Power Project Development Lawyer of the Year 2022 – Southeast Asia. Sep22252 High Quality Legal Services Contact: James P. Bradley Company: Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP Web Address: www.huntonak.com Oct22536