Leading Adviser Awards 2022

50 Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2022 Jan23585 24 Issue 3 2023 JAN23585 Visionary Leadership PZI International Consulting Inc (PZI) provides comprehensive services for international assignments and corporate-level compliance. We find out more from CEO, Deborah McGee in the wake of the firm being recognised in the Leading Adviser Awards 2022. ince 2014, PZI International Consulting has provided highly transformative, customised international business and human capital solutions to global corporations. Founder and CEO, Deborah McGee developed a vision to create a business with other highly-accomplished subject matter experts like herself and, in turn, effectively serve those managing global workforces. The firm’s services include talent globalization, organisational development, executive coaching, global employment management, payroll, business system solutions, taxation and immigration management, global company benefit plans, domestic and international relocation, and retention and development of talent. “At PZI, we are passionate about what we believe to be an organisation’s most important asset, their talent – all of the human capital pieces of an organisation,” Deborah explains. “Our four core business divisions, Talent Globalisation, Global Payroll Solutions, People Development Services, and Relocation Management, ensure all of these aspects are available in a one-stop shop.” PZI was formed following Deborah’s relocation to Huntsville after a 20 plus year career living and working abroad where she worked in the international tax/payroll industry and running global HR and mobility programmes for large multi-national industries. During her professional career, she also served as a senior military command spouse for 31 years and is a “Blue Star” mom to two active-duty service members. Her extensive professional and military spouse experience forged her commitment to providing strong communication models and teachings. Also, as a CPA and a global HR professional, Deborah was passionate about finding a way to give back to her new community and the global industry. Her goal was to bring her passion and excitement for the field of global human capital and employee development to others. So she built an organisation comprised of a diverse group of individuals, encompassing all four generations in the workforce. From young college graduates based in the local area to experienced professionals from across the US, including military veterans and veteran/activeduty spouses, PZI brings vast experience and perspectives to deliver high quality services that are second to none. “Our clients are as diverse as our personnel,” Deborah enthuses. “While many of our clients are in the defence industry, US government agencies and global manufacturing, each of our clients possess unique business strategies that require our innovative solutions to their specific situations.” With Deborah’s strong financial background, she understands that results are the bottom line. Where time is money, providing a system for clients that can make this happen makes the difference. With a S core ability to problem solve, the result is a premier company for outof-the-box solutions. PZI partners with organisations to piece together their specific human capital (HC) needs to create the most successful outcomes for their organisation. Founded on forming strong partnerships to improve business performance in real time, the team at PZI ask questions, listens to its clients, and find unique and innovative solutions to keep these relationships strong. The firm’s expertise, experience, and standard of excellence comes from its team – from executive leadership to each team member that is committed to the vision on a day-to-day basis. Deborah has worked to intentionally create a corporate culture supportive of her employees and their quality of life and strongly believes in work-life balance, offering flex and remote schedules. With strong ethical and moral standards, which drive the firm’s core values of integrity, honesty, and commitment to excellence, Deborah focuses on consistently delivering positive results, and keeping clients and their employees safe and engaged with their organisations. “All of our employees share these values and work to sustain our guiding principles,” she continues. “Our goal is to maximise the human capital performance of our clients and to provide unique solutions for a successful business strategy.” Teamwork is one of the most important aspects of the internal culture at PZI, along with effective communication which Deborah believes is the key to solving problems and creating a cohesive team. “We know cohesive teams can only be maintained through the constant reinforcement of the importance and impact of communication,” she states. “We also strive to continuously help each other by acknowledging capabilities and providing opportunities for development with coaching and mentorship to form a strong team.” Deborah is also passionate about investing in the community, the area that helped her build PZI from the ground up. So the firm has hosted Global Human Capital conferences for its international business clients, and Inclusion and Diversity Symposium, “Allowing Differences to Make the Difference”, DEI roundtables, and been a key initiator with the Huntsville DEI Forums. In 2021, for its efforts, PZI was named as the “DEI Champion for Huntsville, AL, Small Business Category”. More recently, PZI gained recognition in the Leading Adviser Awards 2022, being named Leading Global Mobility & International Human Resources Consultancy of the Year 2022 – Alabama. Now, looking towards the future, Deborah is poised for further growth. As of 2022, PZI had a presence in 22 countries and in 2023 it plans to expand to an additional 15. It is also expanding two product/service lines, moving into a larger space, and expanding its workforce from 125 to 250. Contact: Deborah E. McGee Email: info@pziconsulting.com Web Address: www.pziconsulting.com