Leading Adviser Awards 2022

32 Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2022 Jul22302 18 Issue 9 2022 Jul22302 Leading Litigator Secures Success Based in Orange County, Steven Brower has spent over 40 years honing his skills as a litigation attorney in California. He only founded his own firm in 2018, but it has quickly become a renowned success in the industry. We take a closer look at his long-lasting career in the light of his success in the 2022 Leading Adviser Awards where he was named Leading Insurance Coverage Litigation Attorney of the Year, California. r Brower’s career is one which has seen him travel between various firms, learning new skills and gaining the knowledge and expertise to be recognised as a leading name within California’s legal industry. Now, just four years after founding his own business, he has achieved results that he would never have considered possible before. The new freedom this has given him and his team has allowed him to plan cases where the results, fees and outcome have been entirely within his control. Over the years, Mr Brower has handled all sorts of different cases. He’s an old hand when it comes to all types of litigation matters, frequently involving insurance coverage, professional liability, technology (computer programming), contract disputes, real estate, fraud and embezzlement. Clients have included large multinational corporations, municipalities, law firms, small businesses, and individuals. He was the first attorney to use 18 USC 1030 (Computer Fraud and Abuse Act) in a civil case and won a case, in the California Court of Appeal, which was the first time that any appellate court directed the entry of a default judgment for discovery abuse (Doppes v. Bentley). Clients turn to Mr Brower because his is a lawyer’s law firm. They are recommended by other lawyers, many of whom have turned to the Brower Law Group when they have needed advice. Not only does he take the needs of his clients into account, he considers the impact of certain judges or juries, the timing of events, the various relationships between parties outside of the litigation and, of course, the strength of the opposing counsel. Mr Brower’s career has been as a working attorney, answering directly to clients and representing them in challenging situations. This is an attitude that Mr Brower has brought to his own firm, where he can often be found directing and implementing the day-to-day work that keeps a business going. One of the areas in which Mr Brower truly excels is in the use of technology in the legal system. Many firms claim to have the best technology in the industry, but Mr Brower was a computer programmer before he became a lawyer. He understands intimately how to utilise this incredible technology for the benefit of all of his clients. The results are often superior, as they are tailored to the specifics of the situation, with the ability to adapt to any changes “on the fly”. It’s little surprise that the costs of this were considerably lower than they might otherwise have been. That said, technology is just a tool. When the COVID-19 pandemic happened, many people considered that the world would shift to suit a digital ecosystem. For the team at the Brower Law Group, it’s clear M that working in person offers unique advantages. The last two years have seen them in the office as far as possible, appearing in courts in person more often than others and being able to reap the benefits of this strategically. This is not to say the team is old-fashioned – indeed, their high-end video technology allows them to appear in courts remotely with ease – but it does mean they have considered every option to make a success of their cases. When we look at Mr Brower, we see an attorney who knows how to put his clients first, leveraging every aspect of the legal system to give them the best possible chance of success. His achievements are down to a strength of character and a determination that is second to none. Now he has started his own firm, it’s clear the sky is the limit for his amazing talents! Company: Brower Law Group Name: Steven Brower Email: Steve@BrowerLawGroup.com