Leading Adviser Awards 2022

22 Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2022 Nov22805 Acquisition International - Issue 1 2023 23 ith over 10 years of experience in business law advice, GTA Legal Studio has helped a variety of clients with the risks associated with business activity. Its areas of legal advice are corporate compliance, ODV and DPO, commercial contracts, IP and new technologies, labour law, and civil and commercial law. These areas are covered by its team of devoted professionals who each provide support and information, as well as deeply rooted know-how, to help each client find their way. The legal agreement between parties, via contracts, needs to be carefully calculated and well thought out so that everything is in its place. Contracts can be anything regarding a sale or lease, employment, or tenancy. This legally binding contract is a voluntary agreement that is enforceable in law, and it is of utmost importance that we have lawyers who know what they are doing. That’s where Founding Partner of GTA Studio Legale, Giovanni Tretti, comes in. He has decades of experience behind him – upon which to draw from when dealing with any kind of case within the areas that GTA Studio Legale hold its expertise. However, when it comes to commercial contract law, Giovanni truly shines. Graduating with a law degree from the University of Padua, in 1979, Giovanni was well on his way to success many years ago. His work with commercial contracts began several years ago when he entered the world of employment, and he has become an extremely seasoned professional in this area. Back in 2000 he become partner in a Milano based law firm and member of the Italian Bar Association, then admitted before the Italians High Courts. Giovanni is also an expert in procurement law, working his way to the top of the industry for years. Procurement law deals with the purchasing of goods, services, or project construction, and it can be either private or public, having among its clients international and national companies. With his understanding and experience, Giovanni founded GTA Studio Legale in 2007, after being a general counsel and director of legal affairs. He has climbed his way to the highest peaks within his career and continues to help an astonishing number of clients year upon year. He also works hard in the areas of IP law, corporate law, advertising and sponsorship law, corporate administrative liability, bankruptcy W and restructuring law, and much more. His work is always carried out with clients in mind, making him the best lawyer to go to for a number of legal areas in Italy. Giovanni Tretti has now won Leading Commercial Contracts & Procurement Lawyer of the Year 2022, Italy, and he is going to continue on his path to unrivalled success within the law industry. We wish him all the best and we look forward to seeing where his career takes him next. Finding a law firm with a multidisciplinary vocation and the size of a boutique can be no small feat however, this firm has everything we need for business all under one roof. GTA Studio Legale works with clients across a plethora of areas, in a dedicated and reliable way. Here we learn more as its Founding Partner, Giovanni Tretti, wins Leading Commercial Contracts & Procurement Lawyer of the Year 2022 – Italy. Sep22252 Professional Support for Complex Needs Contact: Giovanni Tretti Company: GTA Studio Legale Web: https://gtastudio.eu/ Nov22805