Issue 9 2023

Aug22499 22 | Acquisition International, Issue 9 2023 Jul23489 Helping You Bee Yourself efore its inception, BEE&YOU was just an idea – the culmination of Asli Samanci’s wish to create a propolis product that wholly differed from the low-quality options available on the market at the time. After her five-year-old son developed autoimmune disease, she hoped that by sourcing raw propolis from a beekeeper, and learning how to extract it herself in her own lab, she’d be able to discover something that she’d feel comfortable giving to her son. And, following only six months of use, it became clear to Asli that her theory was correct – raw, natural propolis could herald miraculous results and even cure autoimmune disease. As a result of this realisation, BEE&YOU was founded in 2013. Now, with 10 years of sales and more than 70 awards under its belt, BEE&YOU has marked a complete shift in the quality of immune enhancement products. Now acting as the go-to for any child, mother, or family facing similar struggles, BEE&YOU has already managed to make the difference that it was initially designed to encourage. However, what makes BEE&YOU truly special is its unique “Contracted Beekeeping” business model. This model ensures that bee products aren’t just high quality, but are also sustainable and promote the work of contracted beekeepers who uphold only the best practises throughout their work. BEE&YOU doesn’t just focus on selling products, but seeks to adhere to a thoughtful approach towards its production processes, resulting in 500,000 contracted beehives and 5,000 contracted beekeepers. As such, the brand is able to care for the society of its beekeepers and their families, all whilst having full control over the quality of the ingredients that it sources for its products. As a producer of its own branded honey, royal jelly, and propolis products, BEE&YOU has the unique opportunity to constantly alter and adapt its formulas to suit the needs of its customers. Whether this is relating to consistency or flavour, BEE&YOU manages to concoct Anatolian propolis mixes that are 100% natural and protected under patents, thanks to Asli’s expertise. Its research and development team are always looking for new ways to innovate, and it’s impossible to ignore just how far it’s been able to go whilst sticking to an all-natural process. Asli truly is a female entrepreneur who has her sights set on improving the lives of people like her, and it’s clear through the undeniable success that BEE&YOU has found that she’s more than achieved her goal. Her products are world-renowned for their excellence and effectiveness, and had it not been for Asli’s pursuit of a natural remedy to support those suffering from autoimmune disease, such a brilliant brand may have never come to be. We believe that no company is more deserving of the title of Best AllNatural Skin Supplements Brand 2023 – Berkshire than BEE&YOU. It truly unites the natural world with us as people, and the result is a brand that helps everybody. From its beekeepers to its customers, each individual involved with BEE&YOU can expect a delightful experience originating from a mother’s love for her son. Contact: Nil Soydaner Company: Bee and You Ltd Web Address: Born from the love of a mother wanting to provide her son with quality propolis to support his immune system, BEE&YOU is now an awardwinning supplier of propolis as a natural immune enhancer. We explore how BEE&YOU pursued success for the benefit of others, and how its dedication to helping those in need earned it the title of Best All-Natural Skin Supplements Brand 2023 – Berkshire. B