Issue 9 2023

Issue 9 2023, Acquisition International | 15 The Mercal Consulting Group is a Portuguese company who specialise in mergers and acquisitions. Its services include company valuations, due diligence, business structuring, negotiations, post-merger integration, and strategic advice. It has recently been named as Best Specialist M&A Consulting Firm 2023 – Portugal, in the AI Global Excellence Awards, leaving us eager to find out a little more. Passionate About Helping Clients Achieve National and International Goals he Mercal Consulting Group was founded in Lisbon, Portugal in 1996, and operates as part of a group of international consultancies who specialise in mergers & acquisitions (M&A), and internationalisation. Its individual consultants have extensive experience at both national and international level, and supply pragmatic solutions for clients to enable their businesses to reach vital development goals. Through its specialisation and know-how, Mercal is dedicated to guaranteeing adequate coverage across all aspects of clients’ business needs, whatever the field. It focuses on achieving results, and offering innovative solutions that help to solve many of the challenges faced by companies. Mercal has a deep and intrinsic understanding of the Portuguese market in particular, and a strong track record of success. Its team of experienced and dedicated professionals are committed to providing an excellent service to all of its clients. To this end, the company has a number of core values ingrained into its processes. These are integrity, teamwork, excellence, innovation and a strong focus on the client. These values have remained unchanged since the company was first established, and are an essential ingredient to both Mercal’s success, and the success of its clients. Mercal has demonstrated exceptional performance in terms of its many successful transactions, its client satisfaction levels, the quality of its service, and its innovative approach to reaching success. This is carried further by its team expertise, market leadership, and industry recognition. Specific undertakings that have contributed to the success of Mercal include its profitable advice regarding high-profile mergers and acquisitions, its implementation of innovative strategies, and its across the board delivery of superior client outcomes that consistently exceed industry standards. The Mercal Consulting Group is delighted to be able to provide global expansion to clients at an easy to reach, fingertip level. It has specialised in the valuation, acquisition and sale of companies since it began in 1996. If any company is aiming to expand its operations beyond national borders, Mercal is the business to consult. It can help to start preparing internationalisation, and will be happy to provide all the necessary support for the entire journey of the project, all the way through to success. It is proud to be included in the Global Excellence program, and hopes to be able to attract new clients and partnerships, as well as to facilitate knowledge sharing with industry peers, and offer opportunities for professional development. Mercal has advised a great many clients about their merger & acquisition transactions, leading to multiple successful outcomes. For example, recently it oversaw the sale of a Portuguese pharmaceutical company to a German multinational, which ultimately led to the transportation of the company to a French multinational group. It has also been involved in a number of other exciting projects which cannot be commented on further currently due to reasons of confidentiality. Mercal has noticed a growing trend towards cross-border merger and acquisition transactions. It puts this down to a number of factors such as the increasing globalisation of businesses who are searching for new growth opportunities. Mercal has been able to successfully navigate these developments by building strong relationships with international M&A professionals. The leadership team at Mercal Consulting Group has played a vital role in the company’s industry positioning too. It promotes leadership styles that encourage collaboration, strategic thinking, team motivation, and a results-driven approach. All of which are contribute significantly to the overall success of the company, and help it in its overall goal to become the leading M&A advisory firm in Portugal. Company: Mercal, Lda Web Address: Contact Name: Joao Ribeiro T Jul23194