Issue 9 2022

6 Acquisition International - Issue 9 2022 Jul22463 Strive, Committed, Synchronised, Inspired Established in 1957 as Qatar’s first registered company, Milaha began its journey as a shipping agency, and it strategically developed over the next six decades to become one of the largest maritime and logistics service providers in the region. Focused on providing integrated transport and supply chain solutions, Milaha boasts an expanded modern fleet of vessels, state-of-the-art equipment, modern technologies, dedicated staff, and worldclass partners. Acquisition International magazine has recognised Milaha’s long-standing success by naming it Most Outstanding Maritime & Logistics Company 2022 – Qatar. ed by the InterimPresident and CEO, Mohammed Abdulla Swidan, Milaha is devoted to providing safe, reliable and sustainable end-toend solutions across the supply chain for a wide range of industry leaders in fields such as fashion, e-commerce, infrastructure, defence, health, oil and gas, heavy industries, aviation, and FMCG. These services include shipping, handling, warehousing, custom clearance, distribution, ship management and ship agency, industrial and project logistics, marine services and products, and automotive services, along with logistic support services for the oil and gas sector. The company’s employees provide such high quality services through four core values of ‘Strive’, ‘Committed’, ‘Synchronised’, and ‘Inspired’. They strive to serve every client in the best way possible and to keep improving their service every day, while being committed in that they are honest with their colleagues, clients and partners, never overpromising and never underdelivering. They are synchronised in that their success comes from their collective strength and ability to solve complex problems and innovate smart solutions. Finally, they are inspired by the company’s own history, which is a great source of pride for them, while having an eye for the future in order to leave a valuable legacy behind. Indeed, Milaha’s employees are its most valuable asset, and it is always promoting a positive, healthy and synchronised workplace in which its people are able to thrive, achieve their goals, and be inspired in a way that allows them implement the company’s mission and live up to its values. There’s no denying the importance of their work and the maritime and logistics industry as a whole, with over 80% of world trade by volume and 70% by value being carried by sea and managed by seaports worldwide. Hence, maritime transport plays a significant role in supporting national economies’ growth and resilience. However, this dynamic sector is always vulnerable to various challenges related to HSSEQ, social, digital, and economic issues. The main challenges that the sector and Milaha are facing are decarbonisation, digitalisation, cyberattacks, fuel price increases, workforce, and skills shortage, among others. Some of the ways it is working to overcome these issues are as follows. Environment and Sustainability Milaha is working diligently to minimise impacts on the environment associated with its operations and increase the sustainability of the business through the implementation of its environmental management system, which provides the framework for carbon intensity reduction, management of waste and emissions, sustainability of resources, and compliance with national and international regulations. L HSSEQ It is also committed to protecting and improving the health and safety of all individuals associated with it by providing a safe, secure, and healthy work environment. The integration of safety principles into everyday business activities and striving to continually ensure that its activities are conducted in a safe and ethical manner is recognised as essential to achieve health and safety excellence. Investing in Digitalisation The company believes the main driver of business development is digital transformation, through increasing efficiency, improving innovation, decision making, customer experience, and engagement. Its commitment to investing in technology and digitalisation has included significant upgrades to its platforms, systems, and digital tools to enhance connectivity, mobility, and efficiency. Milaha is nowworkingonbuildingmore innovative solutions for customers using existing technology. In this context, the teamhas experimented with drone-based survey work, remote subsea inspections, dynamic pricing for services, among others. Going forward, the company wants to use its technology to solve customer problems, provide a more seamless and friendly experience, and provide more insight to customers. With this giving an insight into the bright future ahead of it, Milaha is well on the way towards it vision of becoming the partner of choice in the maritime and logistics sector. It is an exciting time for Milaha, but also Qatar and the industry as a whole. Not only is Qatar looking forward to hosting the FIFAWorld Cup this year, but the next few years are looking to be exciting for the energy sector in the country with the expansion of gas production. As a result, there is a great opportunity for Milaha to enhance and expand its offerings to a number of its core customer segments, including marine, energy, and industrial – and to do so, its focus will remain on growing and developing its outstanding team. Company: Milaha Contact: Muna Al-Bader Email: Website: