Issue 9 2022

16 Acquisition International - Issue 9 2022 The Perfect Gift iftable has changed the way in which we offer happiness to each other. This innovative app provides a way of reaching out to the people we love and offering them something that makes a real difference. From humble beginnings in 2019, the firm has grown into an ecosystem that has made a real difference to those who have used it. Key to this growth, however, has been the tireless work of CEO Michel Hoffmann. Michel was delighted to catch up with us and tell us more about his ideas. “There is this joke in Silicon Valley about how every start-up is aiming at ‘… making the world a better place,’” he tells us, “but we really meant it when we started out. Ultimately, we believe 100% that only joint creativity and gifts create intimacy and connection.” The big idea was to develop a gifting application that could use a full B2B2C2C model. It has become incredibly popular with customers and businesses alike. The secret of this success was building on the way in which people work. “Gifting happens in so many places in our lives,” Michel tells us. “Rewarding and gifting can even be considered as synonyms in today’s world. No matter your social identity: boss, employee or customer – you can combine all or parts of those positions at the same time. Therefore, it is absolutely important for us at Giftable to create a gifting ecosystem that offers all our users the widest selection to help them express, connect and celebrate for all occasions. As a relatively new business, Michel is well aware of the important role that staff play. People who can be trusted to deliver are vital to success. The key is to know that while they are in charge of their people, it is the people who are in charge of customers. That said, Michel follows a pragmatic approach that speaks to the honesty of his intentions. “We consider ourselves as a successful sports team. People who show up every day for training will be prepared to win the game, it shows us their commitment and passion. This is our internal culture we don’t hire for hard skills, this can be learnt. We hire for personality. We hire for attitude.” Looking ahead, it’s clear that Michel sees a bright and bold future for the firm. “Today, we are focusing on our B2B segment and have tiers in place for companies of all sizes,” he explains, “which automatically fuels our C2C business as user growth is guaranteed. Everything happens with a few clicks on one app for the user. Of course, businesses gain access to a full suite of tools that offer a holistic journey of rewarding and gifting at scale.” The firm has recently been acquired by an American group of investors, allowing the team to build on their early adopter position. As 2023 approaches, it’s clear G Jul22256 that plenty of new features and adaptations will be implemented to continuously delight users as well as the businesses working with Giftable on a daily basis. He and his business development teams are currently developing partnerships across the Americas and especially in the Middle East to become a global B2B player all while they are already serving 32 countries around the globe with their user oriented mobile app and its experiences. Gifting is such a big part of relationships, and Giftable is ideally positioned to become a massive part of this in the future. The market drivers for Giftable are driven by many factors – seamless user experiences, sustainability and the ability to work from anywhere. It stands apart as a more personalised way to stay in touch. Today, Giftable is riding on the wave of the ever-expanding gifting universe and aim to be leaders in Europe, Americas and the Middle East in easy and thoughtful gifting and rewarding experiences. We can’t wait to see what Michel and his team do next. Company: Name: Michel Hoffmann Web Address: When it comes to making the world a better place, there’s few more determined to make it happen than the team at Giftable. With a dream of connecting people through smartphones, their business has achieved incredible success. In the Global CEO Excellence Awards 2022 from CEO Monthly, Michel Hoffmann was named Global Gifting CEO of the Year 2022: Michel Hoffmann and won the Excellence Award for Employee Reward Solutions 2022.