Issue 9 2022

Acquisition International - Issue 9 2022 15 The Future of Sustainable Energy Starts Here The overall process takes place across three steps. Firstly, KEWTechnology focuses on feedstock preparation, this involves the use of all types of residual waste, non-recyclable resources, and biomass as fuel. From there, it moves towards stage two, which is known as Advanced Pressurised Gasification. This stage takes place under elevated pressure and a high temperature, thanks to a fluidised bed this encourages the feedstock to breakdown and produce syngas (synthesis gas). The harmful particles are then filtered, from which a gas composition is created. At this stage, the product serves as a perfect natural gas substitute for energy intensive industries. The last stage the product goes through is Syngas Reformation. The patented equilibrium approaches reformer then breaks the gas down even further in order to cultivate a hydrogen-rich syngas that is ideal for various energy applications because of the clean, consistent output composition. Such syngas can be used as a chemical feedstock, or for power, heat and reductant gas applications, as well as it can be further upgraded into sustainable fuels like rDME, rMethane/RNG, sustainable jet fuels, and hydrogen fuels. Indeed, KEW Technology is unlocking the future of the hydrogen economy. It is the epitome of sustainable energy, devoting itself entirely to creating a method that can ensure the security of the energy industry. As such, it is most deserving of the title Most Outstanding Sustainable Energy Technology Firm 2022 – UK. Contact: Amna Bezanty, Strategy Lead Company: KEW Technology Web Address: