Issue 8 2020

8 Acquisition International - Issue 8 2020 Jun20395 Most Innovative Cardiology Software Company 2020 – USA Myocardial Solutions, Inc. (MSI) has developed a unique and proprietary cardiac diagnostic software, MyoStrain ® , to help physicians rapidly and accurately quantify heart function. Performed in a six-heartbeat MRI scan, this ten-minute test could transform cardiac and cancer care by allowing physicians to detect segmental heart dysfunction and initiate early, preventative treatment long before cardiac symptoms occur. eter Gaccione, President of MSI stated, “The challenge faced in cardiology today is that cardiac patients are detected too late. When a patient has heart dysfunction, the stronger areas of the heart will often compensate for the weaker areas, so that when measured on a global basis, the heart appears to be working normally. In reality, the heart is progressively becoming more dysfunctional over time.” Approximately 56% of heart failure patients don’t know they have a heart problem until hospitalization occurs. To overcome this challenge, MyoStrain’s simple, non-invasive and non-pharma test helps physicians detect subtle changes in segmental contraction of the heart to monitor the effects of disease, drugs or ischemia. This provides a more proactive approach to prevent cardiac damage and open cardiac care to early intervention and individualized treatment. The need for MyoStrain is significant across several cardiology and cardiology-related markets. However, the company’s initial market focus lies in predicting, detecting, monitoring and managing cardiotoxicity from cancer therapies. In the cancer care continuum, cancer therapies have been proven to help extend life, but in many cases, the same therapies also have a detrimental effect on the heart. To combat this issue, MyoStrain offers cancer centers a unique and holistic approach to protect patient heart function throughout the entire cancer treatment process. This bridges the efforts of oncologists and cardio-oncologists to ensure patients’ hearts remain healthy during treatment and afterwards via long-term follow-up. Unfortunately, today, a significant number of cancer patient survivors are ultimately dying of heart failure from the toxic effects of drugs and some radiation treatments which leads to progressive cardiac dysfunction over time. Our goal is to further extend patient longevity and quality of life beyond what is acceptable by the current standard of care. At its core, what makes MyoStrain unique is its proprietary ability to find subtle changes in contraction on a segmental basis. This allows physicians to locate weaker areas of the heart and quantify the percentage of viable cardiac segments to the total number of cardiac segments. What results is a MyoHealth™ Score, a single metric representing the first comprehensive assessment of heart health. The MyoHealth Score is applicable to all ages and provides an accurate measure of the effects of diseases and drugs on the heart. Through baseline and follow-up testing, changes in a patient’s MyoHealth can be followed over time, providing insights into the effects of therapies and lifestyle changes while allowing physicians to potentially optimize and individualize care. While MyoStrain is currently in process of commercialization, it represents 15 years of research and software development, moving P the technology from research to the clinical setting. The key to clinical acceptance has been in demonstrating the speed, accuracy, safety, and reliability of the technology. With over 400 publications to date, the technology is well-validated, but up until three years ago, when the technology was acquired, the processing speed and simplicity was not suited for commercialization. Today, the MyoStrain report can now be processed in under 3 minutes, and while the total procedure time takes about 10 minutes, automation may reduce MRI time to under 5 minutes. Bringing innovation and change to the highly regulated healthcare industry is not easy. Fortunately, we have had the marketing support of United Imaging and the technical support of Philips Medical Systems’ MR team to help us move onto the global stage. It will not be long before MSI will open rapid cardiac MR imaging to the world by offering better care, standardize patient management, and significantly reduced healthcare costs. To be “best in class” requires a culture of excellence as well as a passion and determination to bring transformative technology to the market to improve care for all. The ultimate vision is for everyone to know their MyoHealth Score and accurately assess their heart health. Contact: Ahmed Osman Email: Website: