Issue 8 2020

Acquisition International - Issue 8 2020 29 Mar20341 Global Data Compliance Software Company In a global marketplace, the need for compliance with internationally recognised standards has never been clearer. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the world of security. The team at VigiTrust, led by Mathieu Gorge, know this better than others. Named Best Information Security Compliance Management Platform 2020 in the Cyber Security Awards 2020, we look to this firm to see what they have to offer. igiTrust has made its name in developing VigiOne, a data compliance solution allowing its global clients to address their compliance reporting needs. Based in Dublin, with support offices in Paris and New York, it has a mindset that goes beyond borders. In the global market of cybersecurity and compliance, this is a team that ticks all the boxes that companies need to secure success demonstrating to regulators and enforcement bodies that they are taking their compliance duties seriously! What VigiTrust brings to the table is years of experience as a data security consulting firm, before it pivoted four years ago to build VigiOne: its own range of SaaS Integrated Risk management (IRM) solutions. Used across 120 countries across industries as varied as hospitality, retail, transportation, higher education, Government, Healthcare and eCommerce industries, it’s little wonder that the team has been able to achieve great things. The need to comply with legal and industry security standards and regulations such as PCI DSS, GDPR, CCPA, NIST, ISO 27001 has become increasingly important, as regulators begin to recognise the potential for misuse of personal information. VigiTrust is ideally positioned to enable clients to industrialize their compliance journey thanks to the implementation of its Integrated Risk Management Platform, VigiOne. This multi-level dashboard, with exportable live statistics, trends and charts, gives clients easy access to the information that is required. Instead of just selling a siloed software product, the team have taken the time to truly collaborating with clients, discovering what specific features they need for their data security and compliance projects with an ever evolving feature set and roadmap. This approach has allowed the team to serve a number of different clients from an appropriately broad background. Small company owners as well as multinational corporations and Fortune 500 businesses use VigiTrust as their IRM provider of choice. As the reputation of VigiTrust continues to rise, more and more, people have come to see what the team have to offer, but intense networking at Cybersecurity events has made a tremendous difference to the team’s operations. Much of the firm’s success can be credited to Mathieu Gorge, who is both CEO and Founder. Drawing on over twenty years of experience in global data security, information governance and compliance, he has been able to guide VigiTrust through the perpetually changing world of regulation. He brought the necessary innovation and excellence that companies have come to expect, revolutionising the way in which people see cyber security. V Perhaps the most obvious way in which Mathieu has been able to shape the way in which people see cybersecurity comes from his 5 Pillars of Security Framework™, which is aimed at providing CEOS, CxOs and Boards with a timeless, industry agnostic and jargon free cyber accountability methodology. As it has become recognised as a world-beating organisation in the field of cybersecurity, the VigiTrust team have expanded to include the VigiTrust Global Advisory Board. This non-commercial wing is a think-tank that gathers a host of compliance and security experts, researchers, regulators, law enforcement, academics and end users CEOS, CXOs and Board of Directors and NEDs in order to discuss the way in which the industry is going and the changing needs of businesses. Needless to say, these events that the group holds have become renowned for their exceptional keynote speakers, roundtables, brainstorming sessions and networking possibilities. In all, it’s little wonder that VigiTrust has gained such a reputation within the industry for clear thinking and an innovative attitude. This reputation is a credit to Mathieu Gorge, for his efforts, who has led the firm that is leading the industry. Company: VigiTrust Contact: Johanna Vorgere | Web Address: