Issue 8 2020

14 Acquisition International - Issue 8 2020 Jan20003 Remarkable Results From Strategic Success When it comes to owning and running a business, not having a plan is the quickest way to guarantee failure. Strategic plans are a necessity for good business, and for business to thrive in the future. Results BI simplifies strategy, helping business clients all over the world put together comprehensive strategies and, more importantly, provides the tools necessary to properly execute those strategies. It is this service that has seen the firm awarded the title of Most Innovative Business Management Platform – 2020, so we profiled it to learn more. here is an old saying, that goes “If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.” In the business world, this is undeniably true. Putting together a comprehensive strategy is key to more than just good business; it is key to survival. Results BI helps clients before they find out just how catastrophic not having a plan can be. Founded in 2013, Results BI now provides the world’s leading business management platform and the Results R5 Strategy Execution Compass software guides business executives through putting together that comprehensive strategy and getting the tools so that the strategy can actually be executed. In what can be often be a chaotic affair, Results BI essentially specializes in taking the chaos out of running a business. Making strategy simpler than it has ever been, Results BI delivers actionable and high quality plans for businesses to help stimulate growth and sustain success. The platform that the firm delivers works to guide the client through the whole process of making a strategy and executing it, making those parts that seem challenging or time-consuming easier than ever before for businesses to get through. Suddenly, the eyes of the business are opened, and the difference between strategy and goals becomes inescapably clear. Strategic projects begin to arise and seem incredibly obvious. The same goes for their competitive advantages, their unique capabilities, and the opportunities that only they can win thanks to those advantages and capabilities. The software that Results BI uses is based upon what it calls the Four Pillars, found in most successful businesses that were once known as the Rockefeller Habits. Consultants and consulting organizations all over the world use this approach, but the Results BI system provides the software framework that make it more easy than ever to access, implement, and execute, enabling organizations of many kinds to deliver on their strategic plans. Since the company’s inception, Results BI has helped more than eight thousand companies put together a comprehensive strategic plan, killing the chaos that can play such a large factor in running a business. By providing the framework to allow a business leader to get focused on their strategy and then track progress in a weekly meeting, the business itself succeeds with the expert guidance from Results BI. CEOs and business leaders from across the world have recognised the great success brought about by working with the platform and software on offer from the firm, calling it a “must” and a “secret T weapon”, saying that it has “helped to define our core purpose” and “define and align my team with our company’s strategy”. Serving clients of all shapes, sizes, and industries, Results BI delivers in four key areas; its One Page Strategic Plan, Integrated Meeting™, Real-Time Key Performance Indicators, and Collaborating in Context. Firstly, the One Page Strategic Plan is the foundation of the system that Results BI has worked to implement in the years since its inception. Strategic planning is about more than simply filling out boxes on a template; it is about making wise and well-thought-out decisions and choices that will set up the client organizations for future success in ways that working without a strategy never could. Results BI’s plan will work to guide clients and their organizations through the process of making those wise decision, acting with sagacity to cascade a strategy down throughout the organization and make sure everyone is on board. That way, everyone from base-level employees to corporate-level management has an idea of what their role is and how their individual goals contribute to the organization’s success as a whole. The second of the firm’s four core services is that of Integrated Meetings™. Clients can have the best strategic business plans, perfect metrics, and visionary projects, but still not see any growth. Whilst it may seem to be an anomaly, it is in fact a common fault in many client businesses and organizations today; there is poor execution, a lack of accountability, and no clear communication. Results BI seeks to solve this in a constructive and supportive way through the Integrated Meetings™ feature of its software and platform. Every Meeting includes data, integrated right into the meeting, so that executives, managers, and employees alike can all understand key parts of the business and how they are performing. Every is given access to what is working, what is marginal, and what requires help. Armed with this knowledge, any success that the organization experiences can be studied and replicated by those who are in a position to effect that change. Tasks are assigned, and the execution of the strategic plan falls right into place as everyone communicates effectively and holds one another accountable. Key performance indicators are a vital part of any business’ ongoing success, helping to identify where things are going well and where they can be improved. Using these KPIs is crucial to the successful