Issue 9 2020

8 Acquisition International - Issue 9 2020 Jul20209 Outstanding Legal Expertise in the Heart of France UrbanLaw Avocats provides legal advice and assistance to public entities as well as major French and international groups. Following their success in AI’s Global Excellence Awards 2020, where they were selected as the Best Urban Planning Law Firm 2020 in France for the second year in a row, we profiled the firm to discover more about the outstanding client-centric services the team provides. stablished in 1997 by Clotilde Cazamajour, UrbanLaw Avocats has offices in Bordeaux, Paris and Toulouse with a national skill for major infrastructure projects. Today, the firm specialises in public business law, environmental law, real estate promotion and litigation, as well as in smart cities management and luxury real estate, securing more than 980,000m² of real estate projects per year. Over the years, the firm has been characterised by its driven approach to its work and an almost uncanny ability to find solutions for clients. It goes almost without saying that the true strength in UrbanLaw Avocats lies in its team. In this, the firm’s experts work tirelessly to deliver achievable solutions, due diligence and operational arrangements for public and private projects, supporting its clients along the process. Moreover, the firm’s team use their daily litigation experience to anticipate risks, which – in turn – provide an overall more robust form of service to their clientele. To put it simply, it’s clear from the outset that UrbanLaw Avocats’ team truly cares about the results of their work and look to achieve the best possibly result for their clients. In addition to this, the firm also offers their diverse client base specific knowledge in the valuation of public and private real estate, which includes acquisition, sale, reconversion & circular economy, expropriation, pre-emptive rights and also dismemberment. UrbanLaw Avocats lawyers are all innovative actors of the new E world, accompanying both public and private clients in the definition and implementation of their new challenges or uses by the digital revolution. Alongside this, they also contribute by defining new actions and adaptations, such as creativity in their approaches and missions, ambition for their businesses, humility in their involvement and lastly, open-mindedness in their vision. Throughout the years, the UrbanLaw Avocats team have supported countless companies, start-ups and communities that invent the cities and territories of tomorrow through new technologies, including IoT, smart grids and smart cities to name but a few. Looking ahead to what the future holds for the firm, the team at UrbanLaw Avocats will continue to deliver an exceptional service, ensuring that they not only achieve their clients’ desired outcome, but that they also surpass their expectations. Moving forward, the UrbanLaw Avocats team hope to further expand the business, their presence and also the services that they offer to clients in the upcoming years, especially following their recent success in Acquisition Intl.’s Global Excellence Awards 2019 where they were righteously awarded the accolade Best Urban Planning Law Firm 2019 – France. Web Address: