Issue 9 2020

Acquisition International - Issue 9 2020 19 Apr20007 Compelling Customer Service Success! Customer service is an essential part of business today, and many will turn to outside providers who are experienced in providing the best possible care. Recognised in Acquisition International’s Business Excellence Awards 2020 as Best Contact Centre Service Provider – Kenya, we turn to Horizon Contact Centers Ltd to see what they have to offer. he team at Horizon Contact Centers have made a name for themselves as the foremost provider of customer service support in the region. Easily East and Central Africa’s largest outsourcing contact centre, this organisation is a pioneer. Through the use of exceptional technology and a talented team, clients are assured of the best possible support for their customers. The vision of Horizon Contact Centers has remained consistent since its inception, namely its aim to be the premier provider of contact centre and BPO services to local, regional and global customers. There is a strong talent pool in Kenya that has made up the workforce, while the country’s well-developed IT infrastructure is ideally equipped to provide an innovative and progressive approach to clients. The result is an all-encompassing solution to client and customer contact, drawing together every aspect in to one place. Companies have come to see customer service not just as a place to build loyalty to a brand, but as an opportunity to gather insight, manage retention and even provide a selling up process. Those who make the most of this, using businesses like Horizon Contact Centers, are amongst the most profitable in their sectors. At Horizon Contact Centers, the aim is always to provide the service that is required. This has led the team to the decision of creating a fully-customisable service. It’s this approach that has allowed them to provide an integrated solution for diverse and geographically split processes. Not only are the team experienced at supporting live and automated customer interactions, but they are able to optimise customer contact strategies. Whatever strategy is needed to grow a business, such as finding new markets, increasing the market share or cross-selling products and services across companies, Horizon Contact Centers should be the first choice. Their experience with customers makes them ideal for this sort of work, especially when aiming a targeted outbound sales campaign at new customers. This service offers clients the full spectrum of business development services, each carefully curated to ensure maximum impact. This means that from targeted customer acquisition campaigns to ‘warm- calling’ cross- sell and up- sell opportunities and proactive retention and ‘win back’ promotions, the voice of your brand is clearly heard and communicated. The company has worked tirelessly to ensure that everyone who represents a business does so to the highest possible standards. An extensive series of Quality Assurance procedures are in place so that businesses can be safe in the knowledge of a job well done. This security is paramount in the relationship that Horizon Contact Centers relies upon to build its business. T Looking forward, it’s little wonder that the team expect to move onto even greater heights. Every aspect of Horizon Contact Centers is designed with aspirations in mind. It goes without saying that sustainable growth has allowed the business to move profitably forward, leading the industry with its own unique brand of innovation, but this aim of higher standards runs right through the company. Staff are empowered to engage with business skills that reflect training across disciplines and the opportunity to use these skills. This is something that Horizon Contact Centers is immensely proud of, as ambition only serves the business. In all, the team at Horizon Contact Centers have made amazing strides, with their reputation now considered impeccable. With such a forward-thinking approach, it’s not surprising that they have been able to achieve incredible success. Company: Horizon Contact Centers Ltd Contact: Nezaam Solomons Web Address: There is a strong talent pool in Kenya that has made up the workforce, while the country’s well-developed IT infrastructure is ideally equipped to provide an innovative and progressive approach to clients.