Issue 9 2020

16 Acquisition International - Issue 9 2020 Foreseeing the Future AR and VR are two of the most powerful forces that have come out of the technology sector in recent years, with teams working tirelessly to develop solutions that are able to push the boundaries further than ever before. The team at Xvisio Technology have built their name on innovation, earning the title of Best Emerging Computer Vision Solutions Platform - 2020 in Acquisition International’s Global Excellence Awards. We take a closer look at the firm to find out more. rom the heart of Silicon Valley, the team at Xvisio Technology have been able to achieve amazing success. Founded in 2016, the team have revolutionized the AR/VR realm with an exciting new approach that could change the fundamental way in which the technology operations, expanding to have offices in three countries around the world. The team at Xvisio Technology have become regarded as the leading solutions provider for spatial perception interaction, using a sophisticated proprietary high speed VSLAM backbone engine. When deployed on a highspeed and low power device for AR/VR HMD, it provides a way of working that is truly unique, and a step above other providers. Xvisio Technology proudly leaders the way with 6DOF tracking edge computing for AR and VR glass, which has led to it becoming regarded as the next generation personal device. In a field as complex as AR/VR, Xvisio Technology takes great pains in ensuring that all customers are able to understand precisely what is on offer. Rather than lose people in a sea of jargon, the team explain the processes involved simply and straightforwardly. Where appropriate, they will implement solutions such as the Visual SLAM technology in order to ensure that it works as well as it possibly can. Support for customers in this way is what keeps the firm in such high demand, and why it has developed a global customer base. Many of the people that Xvisio Technology works alongside operate in the field of ODM, OEM of AR/VR HMD, glass and robotics manufacturers. This means that the team works alongside some of the leading lights in the industry. Many of the team’s most impressive innovations have been brought about by responding to the needs of these clients. It is vital to them that human machine interaction and spatial computing are implemented smoothly, and few companies can do this as successfully as Xvisio Technology. The company are driven forward by a strong sense of ambition, with the mission statement of “Innovating machine perception capability beyond human capacity”. In effect, this means a fundamental reassessment of what VR and AR can offer people. On a deeper level, the firm has valued the need to use initiative, to change, and to impact on society, which is why the team are so driven to look at different ways of working. Since being established, the firm has used these approaches as a guiding light. Looking ahead, the teamhave seen their technological solutions slowly being taken up, and this speed has not increased as the economy slows in Asian countries like China and Japan. The implementation of 5G F Apr20137 technology, however, has the potential to demand the development of AR/VR ways of working again. This is what has encouraged the team to expand globally, with their new SlimEdge XR platform for AR/VR devices for phones and PCs. Once the preserve of the specialist, this solution will push the deployment of AR/VR glass for ordinary users. The team have developed different levels of solution for the market, ranging from entry level to professional quality. All will be enabled by the firm’s human machine interaction technology including SLAM, depth sensing, gesture, vision and voice. Naturally, this technology is designed to be powered by the firm’s own cutting-edge AI solution. Additionally, the newly released SlimEdge XR Starter Kit is a platform to showcase all of these innovative features. It helps the developer to shorten development cycle dramatically with state of art technology implementation. In conclusion, firms turn to Xvisio Technology because they can trust its ability to deliver a perfect solution that gets it right every time. Few firms can guarantee success while operating at such a high level, but with a great track record behind them, the team at Xvisio Technology offer a service that is truly unique. Company: Xvisio Technology Name: John Lin Web Address: SlimEdge AR starter kit SlimEdge VR starter kit