Issue 9 2019

Acquisition International - Issue 9 2019 9 Thinking Outside The Boxx Believing that trust and respect are reciprocal emotions, Petra has instilled an atmosphere where mutual success and internal collaboration are key to keep ensuring personal and commercial success. Team members are encouraged to take the steps that are important for their long-term career choices and personal development. If that means that someone is evolving on to another role as a result of promotion, a different field within mobility, or a new industry entirely, then Boxx is keen to encourage that development. Too often domanagers and CEOs look to keep teams together, despite the risk of creating unhappy and resentful working atmospheres. Petra understands that gaps can be filled, and employees should always be encouraged to pursue their goals and find fulfilment in whatever industry or career they aspire to. Unhappy workforces are a bigger challenge than gaps in the workforce, and Boxx understands this. Still in her infancy at Boxx, Petra has big things lined up for the future of the company. Building on the successes of the past thirteen years, the firm has begun expanding into newmarkets, offering new services, and continually making improvements to their service delivery model. Developing within the global mobility market, the future of this firm is focused on creating an even better client and expat experience across all the offered services. Ultimately, the key to Boxx and Petra’s continued success is their ability to create a smooth and unequalled global mobility experience for all parties involved. Boxx’s innovative and excellent practices are complemented by Petra’s desire to create a workspace in which employees are thriving thanks to flexibility, freedom and opportunities. The result is an outstanding company, delivering the best possible global mobility services worldwide. Company: Boxx global expat solutions Contact: Petra Opentij Website: