Issue 9 2019

Acquisition International - Issue 9 2019 57 Jul19398 Encouraging Innovative And Pragmatic Thinking Bringing together a wealth of experience across multiple industries, consultancy firm Emergence Growth Swaziland is an established team of expert practitioners designed to understand the clients strategy, business model, key processes and philosophy. Providing human resource and business consulting across a range of services, the company are expanding across Africa and becoming the leading human capital and reward consultancy of the year. frica’s premier human capital and reward consultancy, Emergence Growth Swaziland combine local knowledge with excellent global practice to ensure practical changes and meaningful improvement to their clients. Tailoring solutions to meet the unique requirements of individual clients, this consultancy firm have worked with over 2,500 organisations locally and worldwide. The company prides itself on expert knowledge and understanding required to develop telling changes within businesses across Africa. Specialising in HR consulting, outsourcing, learning and development, and providing next-generation HR technology, Emergence Growth Swaziland are partnering with organisations to deliver against their mandate whilst exceeding performance criteria. Working alongside business executives, the company aim to successfully deliver strategies that are customised to each business environment, encouraging innovative and pragmatic thinking. Such knowledge and understanding allows Emergence Growth Swaziland to develop pragmatic human capital solutions and appropriate reward structures, whilst learning about the needs of clients organisations. Able to guide the necessary processes at all organisational levels, this consultant firm are able to lead businesses and clients through each stage of implementing key strategies. There a number of advantages to using an independent, professional consultancy firm such as Emergence Growth Swaziland, including added credibility, specialised industry knowledge, objective and unbiased viewpoints, and access to global resources and a large statistical database. The team at the company also strive to ensure that each client receives a customised consultant; someone who is an excellent fit for the organisation. A Services are available to any client, whether private sector SMME or state-owned enterprises. By approaching organisations directly and clearly communicating throughout the process, a relationship of mutual trust is quickly established between Emergence Growth Swaziland and their clients. Despite the economic downturn which has made it difficult for clients to procure services in some sectors, this consultancy firm remain dedicated to assisting clients and supporting governmental strategy plans to recover the economy. Staff undergo continuous development and CPD programmes to ensure that the staff remain committed to the clients’ cause throughout the duration of the consulting process. Emergence Growth Swaziland also encourage internal sharing of knowledge, as well as assignments before, during and after interaction with the client to increase the shared wealth of knowledge and information. The key to Emergence Growth Swaziland’s success across Africa is their determination to deliver consistently high-quality service in a time of economic downturn. Willing and able to aid businesses of all sizes across the continent, this consultancy firm utilise innovative and creative thinking to design pragmatic solutions that have lasting impacts on their clients. With expansions into the rest of Africa planned, the company will continue to provide key HR consulting through an expert team of experienced and knowledgeable consultants. Company: Emergence Growth Swaziland (Pty) Ltd. Contact: Lomkhosi Magagula Website: Email: “Such knowledge and understanding allows Emergence Growth Swaziland to develop pragmatic human capital solutions and appropriate reward structures, whilst learning about the needs of clients organisations.”