Issue 9 2019

Acquisition International - Issue 9 2019 49 Jun19489 May19583 Since launching ten years ago, Lincolnshire-based manufacturer MTAG Composites Ltd. have gone on to become one of the leading manufacturers of phenolic and polyester fibreglass in the UK today. With an international client base that comprises of the rail, aerospace and leisure sectors, find out why this manufacturing company is paving the way for others to follow suit and achieve excellence. ontinually developing cost-effective in-house technologies and tools, one Lincolnshire-based manufacturer continues to prosper in today’s market. After being launched by Nick Maltby (MD) over ten years ago, MTAG now employs over 150 people and maintains constant investment, research and development to ensure it is at the forefront of the market for fibreglass moulds and much more. Originating from a small workshop which manufactured phenolic ammunition cases for submarines, MTAG expanded rapidly and within six months, mouldings were being supplied into major customers within the UK Rail industry. Soon to be grown into an international client-base, the firm also manufacture seatbacks for commercial aircraft, and sailboats, as well as construction panels. Their production portfolio range is vast, including having produced parts for theme parks and fire protection panels for underground stations such as Canary Wharf. Despite having an international export network reaching as far as China and Japan, manufactured materials are also used extensively across the UK. Fire-resistant phenolic materials developed by MTAG have a unique advantage over other types of obtainable resin due to their chemical structure. In the event of a fire, phenolic mouldings do not easily burn and if they do happen to catch fire, smoke and toxicity levels are minimal. Always available to work to a clients’ exact requirements, MTAG utilise various combinations of fibreglass, electrical and mechanical components to put together bespoke systems. Ensuring that they maintain an open channel of communication that is responsive to clients’ needs and ideas, this manufacturer consistently deliver high- quality and professional products that match briefs. In order to ensure that the constantly high levels of quality arematched, MTAG continue to invest in technology and embrace innovation that allows them to compete globally with large manufacturing firms. Driving Innovation C Company: MTAG Composites Ltd. Contact: Sue Maltby Website: “Supporting employment opportunities across Lincolnshire and further afield, this company are bringing cutting-edge technology to the local economy.” Using state-of-the-art 3D printing technology combined with existing computer aided manufacturing and development technology, the firm can offer a complete package of manufacturing virtually any composite project. Alongside this, they are also keen to remove health and safety risks by utilising the latest developments in robotics. Praised for eliminating dust exposure, noise levels from pneumatic hand tools, human error and increasing quality of protection for workers, the innovation behind the robotics at MTAG have secured commitment from aerospace industry clients. Supporting employment opportunities across Lincolnshire and further afield, this company are bringing cutting- edge technology to the local economy. What makes MTAG a success in the manufacturing industry is their willingness to incorporate innovative technology to a client-centric focus on delivering high quality products. Working with an international client group from their Lincolnshire base, this manufacturing firm support the employment opportunities in the local area, whilst supplying excellence to a variety of industries worldwide.