Issue 9 2019

38 Acquisition International - Issue 9 2019 Jul19231 Founded in 2013 by a group of highly experienced lawyers from top-tier Italian legal practices, STARCLEX – Studio Legale Associato Guglielmetti specialises in providing day-by-day and extraordinary legal advice to listed and private companies. Find out why this legal advice firm are one of 2019’s leading advisors as we profile the company. ealing with corporate and commercial law, corporate governance, capital markets, banking law, intellectual property law, mergers and acquisitions amongst others, STARCLEX’s professionals have gained meaningful experience in providing legal assistance to listed and private companies. Characterised by close collaboration with clients, the firm offers unbiased and judgment-free advice on both ordinary legal matters, and extraordinary transactions. The team at STARCLEX constantly interact with relevant supervisory bodies, in order for them to assist international and national companies in their management of investments in the Italian financial market. The firm also assists new companies in the establishment of real estate funds, as well as banks and saving management companies. Ensuring that they constantly update while being careful and accurate, STARCLEX are a distinctive firm that is engaged in intensely advertising the organisation and participation of specialist conferences. Their own working approach takes a client-centric focus, paying particular attention to the high quality of service provided to the client. Aiming to maintain high standards of professionalism, each consultation has added value for the client knowing that the firm has their best interests at heart. The company additionally focus on assisting companies in the preparation and delivery of board and shareholder meetings, as well as the creation and implementation of internal compliance systems and control procedures. With a culture that is steeped in legal research and analysis, STARCLEX and its partners regularly publish articles in specialised journals and participate in conferences and seminars. STARCLEX act completely independent of judgment in order to provide the clients with a legal assistance that actively pursues the clients’ objectives. Clients of the firm operate in all manner of industrial sectors, including automotive, energy, mechatronic, technology, fashion and luxury. With a variety of national and international clients working in these sectors, the team at the legal firm truly showcase their adaptability in being able to work with any company who approaches them. Looking ahead, the team at STARCLEX are aiming to continue research into international partners interested in approaching the Italian markets, who could also support the firm in expanding further abroad. Despite international expansion on the horizon, the company will continue to assist clients whose core business is related to new technologies and digital transformation issues. Leading Legal Firm Inspired by Italian Ingenuity D Company: STARCLEX - Studio Legale Associato Guglielmetti Contact: Carlo Riganti Website: “Aiming to maintain high standards of professionalism, each consultation has added value for the client knowing that the firm has their best interests at heart.” The national and international success of STARCLEX is down to the unbiased and judgment-free advice they offer to clients. Striving to align themselves with clients goals and objectives, this Italian legal firm collaborate closely to ensure the highest quality service, and best possible outcomes of all transactions, whether ordinary or extraordinary.