Issue 9 2019

36 Acquisition International - Issue 9 2019 Jul19259 Family Law Firm Delivering Excellence A family business founded in 1992 by barrister-at-law Andrzej Kowalik, the Law Firm Kowalik operates in Poland, England and Wales, representing clients in a number of legal areas. Read on to find out what makes this family firm one of the best UK-based extradition and deportation law firms this year. ounded 17 years ago, Law Firm Kowalik specialises in the legal aspects of extradition and deportation across Poland, England and Wales, establishing a truly international reach of clients. Dedicated to maintaining strictly-defined goals and values in providing services to individuals at highest professional standard, the firm prides itself on long-lasting traditions which have been maintained throughout the existence of the law practice. The firm also work in areas that include European arrest warrants, extradition requests, deportations from the UK, proceedings covering re-entry to the UK, Border Force seizure proceedings, and unlawful detention across England and Wales. In Poland, Law Firm Kowalik also offer these services alongside criminal-fiscal law, administrative law that covers a variety of tax proceedings, civil law, and corporate law. Specialising in such a wide variety of legal areas mean that this small, determined firm are well-equipped to take on any case that comes their way with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the legal arena. With barrister-at-law Aleksandra Kowalik at the head of Law Firm Kowalik, the firm boasts quality, efficiency and international recognition. Having graduated from Mikolaj Kopernik University with a law degree, she was called to the bar in 2009 where she became F a barrister-at-law alongside Andrzej Kowalik. Being a member of both the European Criminal Bar Association and Defence Extradition Lawyer Forum, Aleksandra brings a large amount of experience and expertise to any case she is part of. Able to specialise in criminal law and procedures including international criminal deportation and extradition, Aleksandra is also expertly trained in being able to deal with medical negligence cases, commercial disputes, international trade disputes. Since the Brexit vote in 2016, a key skill of the firm’s repertoire is also being able to focus on unlawful detention and asylum disputes regarding those crossing borders into the United Kingdom. Fundamentally, the successes of Law Firm Kowalik are down to their striving for excellence in every case they take on. Whether international commercial disputes, or the future of a family of asylum- seekers, this family firm will continue to strive to ensure the best for each and every client moving forward. Company: Law Firm Kowalik Contact: Aleksandra Kowalik Website: