Issue 9 2019

Acquisition International - Issue 9 2019 29 Jul19448 Discreet and Diligent Danish Security Danish security company Praesidio Group delivers security, intelligence & cyber solutions to corporations, governments and public & private sectors around the world. Headquartered in Copenhagen with a global presence in a wide array of international cities, find out why this cyber-security firm are an industry leader for security and intelligence solutions in 2019. ounded by CEO Susanne Skov Diemer in 2012, Praesidio solve their clients security needs so that they can continue to focus on what they do best with the peace of mind. With a wealth of international experience in UK and US government agencies, US and European special operation forces and alongside international corporations, the company strive for discretion and diligence without sacrificing security of the highest quality. With over twenty years’ experience living and working in cities like Copenhagen, London and Washington DC, founder Susanne Skov Diemer has established a high-level network and remarkable client base in the corporate and public sector across the globe. She has been working for, among others, the US Department of State, Diplomatic Security, and is specialising in risk mitigation, crisis management, corporate and personal security, investigative interviews, surveillance detection, counter-intelligence, and residential security amongst other things, clients can rest assured that Praesidio’s leader knows the industry. An advisory board of national and international security and intelligence experts advise Praesidio on complex matters globally, providing insights and advice from military, political, diplomatic, journalistic and police force backgrounds. Utilising such a wide diversity of experience means that the firm are getting the best advice to implement into their service towards clients. Staff members of Praesidio are gathered from the armed forces, special operation forces, government security agencies, and the private sector, characterising high-quality practices within their field. Sourcing team members globally, each task requires an optimal team comprised of specially-trained individuals that can meet the clients’ needs, whatever the requirement. With skill sets that range from corporate investigation to industrial counter-espionage, each carefully-selected team of security specialists ensure that any client of Praesidio can look forward to working with peace of mind that their assets are protected. The company also consult on a number of areas, from kidnapping for ransom and crisis management, to asset recovery and brand protection, offering sage advice for any corporate or private client. However, in an increasingly technology-focused era, it is also important for clients to know about their cyber-security with hacking, exploitation and sabotage ever-increasing occurrences. To manage cyber and information security, data privacy and protection, digital assets and detect security breaches, the company have developed a programme to help with awareness, protection and response. With cyber-crimes and security threats on the rise, this company offer F essential safe security systems that eliminate the risks of hacking and theft, giving clients the peace of mind to do their work. The phenomenal successes of Praesidio are a culmination of excellent security, international recognition, a wealth of experience and ensuring the client feels protected at all times. By achieving all of this and more, with a keen focus on the rise of cyber-threats, the company will continue to keep their clients safe across the globe. Company: Praesidio Group Contact: Susanne Skov Diemer Website: “...each task requires an optimal team comprised of specially- trained individuals that can meet the clients’ needs, whatever the requirement.”