AI Magazine Issue 9 2018

Acquisition International - Issue 9 2018 73 Soaring High employees, suppliers, clients and the community is supported by the QC 100 Total Quality Management Model. The company encourage participation and teamwork for decision making and manage human resources in the company so as to achieve the maximum potential of each their team members. For every project, ASAP assign a team of specialist, headed by a Project Manager and Project Coordinator. They draw on the experience of executive management and the ASAP professional staff of engineers, architects, interior designers, draftsmen, mechanics, electricians, logistic supervisors, financial advisors, traffic specialist and any combination of professionals needed to ensure the project’s success. Looking to the future, ASAP Services N.V. is clear that their future lies in the provision of a quality service just in time, at the right cost on demand. The air transport market will further develop into a cost-effective type of business, with an emphasis on the integration of services, in order to give the client more time to enjoy the travelling experience. ASAP will build upon the excellent reputation it has acquired since its formation, and through the development and acquisition of appropriate recourses, secure continuity and provide the highest quality of service to our clients. They will also continue to provide the proper training and continued dedication of their employees.