AI Magazine Issue 9 2018

72 Acquisition International - Issue 9 2018 ASAP Services N.V. has been in the Specialized Preventive Maintenance Industry since the year 2000, serving the Airport Industry in the region with Specialized Preventive Maintenance for X-ray & explosive/ metal detection, passenger boarding bridges, conveyor & carousels, Runway, Apron and General AGL Lighting & Electrical equipment and instrumentation, CCTV and fire detection and suppression systems. SAP Services N.V. provides specialized maintenance services in the primary process equipment of Airports. In order to achieve excellence in service, ASAP Services N.V. is constantly training its technicians and upgrading to incorporate the latest technologies and tools into its work, so as to be able to deliver a quality performance in all of her duties. ASAP also advices and consults clients with in-house maintenance personnel on how to take full advantage of their critical assets usage by doing quality measurements and create custom PM, Reporting and training programs to maximize efficiency and effectiveness of their in-house PM personnel. ASAP currently employs over 40 highly trained professionals, consisting of Engineers with an array of specializations, as detailed above. Due to the increased demand for professional, qualified and reliable specialized services, ASAP is continuously on the lookout for qualified candidates to expand their team, to enable them to professionally take on more projects and expand their service base. The firm has a well-defined policy that relates to hiring new staff, which is backed up by a two- stage interview process, in order to make sure they have selected the right candidate for the job. This policy is also designed to cover an excellent compensation matrix system. As security has become an increasingly large consideration at airports, prompted by issues surrounding safety and the constant pressure to provide low cost travel, ASAP Services N.V. has noted significant changes in the market which have had an impact on the maintenance strategy of airports. This has forced ASAP Services N.V. to adapt and invest in its training and certification program, in order to meet these new challenges in the air transport market. Contact: Richard Lacle Company: ASAP Services N.V. Mahuma 54, P.O. Box #362, Oranjestad, Aruba Telephone: 00297 583 0023 Web Address: Soaring High A 1809AI03 The demand from travelling clients expecting the best service and experience at a reasonable cost is constantly increasing, and this has made the clients of ASAP Services much more aware of the importance of maintenance in their critical assets. Competition is increasingly fierce for passengers, and they are focusing intently on how they are spending their dollars. As such, any competitive edge that can be gained in this industry is a positive one, and ASAP Services strive to help offer this competitive edge. ASAP Services N.V. headquartered in Aruba and with offices in Curacao and Panama, which are all ideally located within a 2-and-a-half-hour flight to the United States, and Central and Latin America, and has strong airlift, to and from both markets. Owing to this, the company can react and reach clients very quickly and efficiently. Recent project highlights in this region for ASAP Services, involve the first LED Runway Lighting Systems designed and installed by the company at the Aruba International Airport, the implementation if the ICAO certified ADB LED AGL equipment, and the repair and refurbishment of over 40 pieces of security scanning equipment at the Tocumen International Airport in Panama, through an ICAO tender. As Aruba is a high-end tourist destination, the firm have access to high-speed voice and data communication systems, which interlink with the rest of the world. ASAP Services N.V., like most local businesses, are connected to this system to implement the latest technology into their business, pertaining to the IoT. ASAP Services N.V. maintains business relationships with the major airport delivery manufacturers, in order to be able to stay up to date with the latest developments in the industry. Regulatory changes are a common need in the industry, and ASAP Services is committed to staying ahead of these changes and making sure that these are integrated into our PM systems & programs. The company accepts that quality is a massive factor in their development and to make them more competitive in the open market. ASAP Services N.V. is committed to publicizing this quality culture with “ASAP Services is committed to staying ahead of these changes and making sure that these are integrated into our PM systems & programs.”