AI Magazine Issue 9 2018

Acquisition International - Issue 9 2018 59 Zaini Media are a hybrid content creation agency that focuses on film production, the creation of 2D and 3D animation as well as interactive videos. Recently, we sat down with the firm’s Creative Director, Hashem Zaini to discover more about Zaini Media’s impressive award-winning portfolio of work. stablished in 2012, Zaini Media has created a platform for international and local artists to collaborate and create exceptional content that speaks to viewers on a subliminal and a direct level. As for Zaini Media’s client list, it ranges between innovative start-ups and small media enterprises all the way to GA (government agencies) and corporate agencies. The firm do not treat their clients differently by analysing their status in the market. Instead the team at Zaini Media look at every single project with a unique perspective and their sole purpose is to tackle the project brief given to them. Going into further detail about their approach to a new project, Hashem begins by informing us how Zaini Media ensure right from the start that the outcome meets the needs of everyone involved. “When undertaking a project, we begin with extensive research in order to understand the client’s needs, while simultaneously imposing a culture of knowledgeability within our company. Everyone involved should be well versed in the latest updates involving technology, advancements in medicine, robotics, AI and so on. We set up weekly lunches and dinners to discuss new topics on emerging technologies and trends in the industry. This process helps us elevate our way of thinking by expanding our spectrum of knowledge on a regular basis. “At Zaini Media, we ensure that the projects we undertake involve topics that we believe in and that we are passionate about. We do not take on projects of great quantity that may hinder us, our long-term goals or our strategy for the future. Due to this reason, we consider every project to be unique while being committed to achieving complete client satisfaction. We do not disconnect from production as we continuously involve the client during the process. Most of all, we keep them in the loop in order to understand their way of thinking and to help us further enhance their message to their end user.” “In addition to this, our long-term strategy is to not only be a regional player, but to also be globally recognised. We continuously monitor film festivals and advertising festivals worldwide while comparing and contrasting their qualities. This process enables us to continuously improve our techniques and internal systems.” Contact: Hashem Zaini Company: Zaini Media Address: Dubai Media City Shatha Tower, 23rd Floor Dubai, 2304, UAE Telephone: 00971 444 120 92 Web Address: Capturing theMoment E 1809AI33 When discussing the future of the industry, ‘Hashem envisions what developments may occur within the industry, and how Zaini Media will adapt around them. “We have foreseen these developments at an early stage. Creative agencieswill no longer be sustainable 360 agencies. Due to this factor, we have placed emphasis on four key sectors; adapting to future trends in terms of speed of production, compacting your message in a smaller duration of time, creating conversational narratives rather than blatant in-your- face messages and lastly, exploiting technology by mixing and matching camera lens, editing software, 3D software and game development software in order to come up with a fast and cost effective product. This applies to all areas whether it be a film, a game or a VR (virtual reality) experience. “This is what sets us one step ahead of our competition.” Looking ahead to what the future holds, Hashem signs off by revealing what plans lie in the pipeline for Zaini Media, as well as providing a piece of advice to anyone who is seeking a career within the film industry. “Moving forward, we are currently working on the creation of a digital platform that allows 2D and 3D artists in the region to display, promote and monetize their work on an international scale. While we cannot delve further into the details of this project, we can ensure that it will be a game changer in the region for 2D and 3D artists. “Furthermore, we are aiming to produce our first feature film by the year 2020, which will feature middle eastern talent who have been key influences in Europe and Hollywood. “An important piece of advice for any filmmaker who wants to reach new heights in this industry; read about everything and experience what you have read. Travel to countless new places and absorb your surroundings. Free your mind and spirit from all the clutter that new media bombards you with on a daily basis. Make sure to create your own voice and do not be afraid to borrow inspiration from great filmmakers until you create your own distinct style and vision.”