AI Magazine Issue 9 2018

Acquisition International - Issue 9 2018 51 Actance Societe d’Avocats is a specialised employment law firm based out of offices in Paris and Nice. In April, the firm was named among the winners of Acquisition International’s 2018 Global Excellence Awards with the title of Best Specialist Employment Law Firm in France. On the back of this win, we profiled the firm to see just how they have achieved their peerless reputation in the sector. ctance attribute their success to a determination to adapt and evolve with the changing demands of the employment sector. Since their establishment in 2005, Actance have grown to a team of 60 seasoned lawyers, who are dedicated to driving the future of the firm and industry as a whole. Indeed, as the world changes to reflect its position in the digital-first age, employment law too is seeing some noteworthy alterations. Under President Macron, and since September 2017, “ordinances” have been introduced to reform the laws of unfair dismissal, mutual dismissal and collective redundancies. These changes spell a new chapter in France’s swiftly developing business landscape, and to better serve the needs of the modern citizen. As such, Actance has been a valuable resource to establishments who require guidance and Company: Actance Societe d’Avocats Address: 152 bis, rue de Longchamp, 75116, Paris, France Website: Telephone: +33 (0) 144 94 96 00 Providing Diligent Advocacy to the CorporateWorld A 1805AI58 advocacy during these transitions, and beyond. Actance have made their name on the back of diligent strategic solutions, that are actionable, and considers the balance between fulfilling the necessary legal and operational requirements. During litigation, they have created a reputation for a robust, informed representation, defined by their intrinsic knowledge of the sector. Many of Actance’s team are members of the European Employment Lawyers Association (EELA), allowing for international collaboration with other leading law firms, should their assistance be required. Above all else, Actance can be defined by a need to be the ‘best in class’ option for those interested in expert advice from the very best lawyers in labour law. This has defined all of Actance’s work over the last 12 years; their need to be better than their peers, providing the best services and evolving to keep ahead of developments – no easy task considering the current labour environment in Europe. For this, Actance were named in the esteemed Global Excellence Awards, fortifying their undeniable esteem in the employment law arena. “Actance have grown to a team of 60 seasoned lawyers, who are dedicated to driving the future of the firm and industry as a whole.”