AI Magazine Issue 9 2018

Acquisition International - Issue 9 2018 39 The Rose Law Firm has been one of Alabama’s highest-rated family law offices since it was established in 2007. In April, the owner of The Rose Law Firm, Jennifer Rose, was named among the winners of Acquisition International Magazine’s 2018 Leading Adviser Awards with the title of Leading Family Lawyer of the Year, for the state of Alabama. Following on from this achievement, we sought to profile the firms that has swiftly developed a reputation for excellence. or eleven years, The Rose Law Firm has been a bastion of the family law sector in the southern United States. Since its establishment, it has swiftly built a reputation as a consistently excellent law firm, that is diligent, compassionate, and exceptionally knowledgeable in the area. At the centre of the firm’s success is Jennifer Rose; a practicing attorney since 2006, Jennifer is considered an authority in the field of family law. A frequent appearance in the country’s list of the top 1% of lawyers, she has impressed with her meticulous and comprehensive approach to litigation. A savvy negotiator, she has secured victory in challenging cases, and acted as an advocate for her clients, fighting for their rights in the courtroom. Further, Jennifer was recently named as one of the ‘Top 40 under 40’ trial lawyers, and has maintained a consistently perfect rating on Avvo, the online marketplace and guide for legal services. Company: The Rose Law Firm, LLC Address: 811 20th Street, South Birmingham, Alabama, 35205, USA Telephone: 001 205 323 1124 Website: Presenting Alabama’s Expert in Family Law F 1805AI57 Jennifer is the daughter of nationally-recognised attorney Warren Freeman; practicing law is in her blood. From a young age, she has assisted in day to day legal procedures and watched her father in the courtroom, aspiring, in time, to do the same. In many ways, Jennifer has forged a reputation that eclipses that of her father, standing head and shoulders above her peers in this competitive and challenging sector. Attorneys Katherine Haynes, Lindsay Ronilo, and Sandra Remington work alongside Jennifer to round out the rest of The Rose Law Firm. Unlike many other firms in the region, they specialise singularly in family law, and all sub-sectors under it; child custody, divorce proceedings, annulment, adoption, prenuptial agreements and wills, to name a few. This ‘full-service’ guarantees that a client will be in the best possible hands for the entirety of their case, from initial consultation to final verdict. Katherine, Lindsay and Sandra, like Jennifer herself, are powerful advocates in their fields, and all have been recognised in industry-leading publications and awards programmes. Simply, The Rose Law Firm houses the best family lawyers across the southern United States; experts in their fields, they are diligent, compassionate, and tenacious attorneys. Likewise, Jennifer is a worthy winner in the Leading Adviser Awards. Few have the experience, and flawless record, that she has nurtured and honed over the last twelve years. “At the centre of the firm’s success is Jennifer Rose; a practicing attorney since 2006, Jennifer is considered an authority in the field of family law.”