AI Magazine Issue 9 2018

28 Acquisition International - Issue 9 2018 Established in 2012, Joy Kvalitet is an artisanal clothing company based out of Austria and Serbia. Earlier this year, Joy Kvalitet was named in Acquisition International Magazine’s 2018 Business Excellence Awards programme with the title of ‘Best Emerging Clothing & Fashion Company’ in Central Europe. On the back of this achievement, we sought to profile this innovative company to find out how they are changing the fashion industry for the better. stablished in 2012, Joy Kvalitet have set their sights on emboldening modern women through inspiring and avant- garde fashion choices. Their products feature bold colour, and bombastic flourishes that seem to demand attention, with inspiration drawn from Europe’s history, present and future. Here, the chic and the elegant are celebrated alongside the rustic and the functional. This acts to mark Joy Kvalitet apart from their competitors in an industry that is certainly eager for ‘different’ and ‘new’. In this, they succeed in leaps and bounds, offering a variety of choice for any customer who wants to stand out from the crowd. By branching away from the latest trends, Joy Kvalitet focuses on the timeless, creating looks that are sure to last beyond the season. Company: Joy Kvalitet Address: Industrijska 62/3, Pozarevac, 1200, Serbia Website: A Stitch Above the Rest E BE180084 In recent months, the company has pivoted to promotional endeavours – finding that the best source for organic growth is in branching out beyond eastern Europe and into larger markets. Whilst this is in the relatively early stages, new demand in the United States has fuelled rapid expansion for the company and yielded a new fanbase in the region. This fanbase looks set to grow as Joy Kvalitet capitalises on America’s revitalised interest in top- tier luxury goods from Europe. Ultimately, this represents the cornerstone of Joy Kvalitet’s business; a dedication to authentic styles that offers something just outside of the ordinary or the expected. Where others try to trend-set or innovate beyond their means, Joy Kvalitet knows what works, and what their consumers want, in turn, from the company. It’s an approach that has created an ardent following and looks set to secure their position on the global fashion stage in no time at all. “This fanbase looks set to grow as Joy Kvalitet capitalises on America’s revitalised interest in top-tier luxury goods from Europe.”