AI Magazine Issue 9 2018

12 Acquisition International - Issue 9 2018 Brum Costa Abogados specialises in customised consultancy services in management of financial risk and compliance, regulatory advice on banking and financial issues, tax compliance and prevention of money laundering. We profile the firm looking to see what the future holds for the firm. rum Costa is a boutique law firm, providing legal services to national and overseas companies requiring personalised advisory services on banking and compliance, commercial, labor, tax, civil and administrative law, as well as advice on high- complexity cases that require a global vision of the client’s needs. Aiming to always exceed client expectations, Brum Costa is a professional firm operating with the goal of assisting customers and partners in the developments of their business, as well as providing innovative and high added value services. Monitoring trends and staying ahead of any advances, the team of professionals are constantly updated of the changes experienced by the market and legislation by assisting courses, seminars and postgraduate studies. Moreover, many of its professionals are assistant professors or university professors, which contributes heavily to the firm keeping track of developments. What differentiates the boutique law firm from its competitors, is its ability to mark itself out as the best possible option for clients. Throughout the legal process, there is always personal, ongoing contact between partners and clients, which is essential to the firm’s success, as clients really feel that their own individual case matters. Additionally, this caring nature strengthens professional relationships and builds mutual trust. Currently, the industry in Uruguay is divided into five large corporate law firms that provide comprehensive services, including accounting advice. These firms Company: Brum Costa Abogados Contact: Leonardo Costa Address: Dr. Alejandro Schroeder, Montevideo, 6537, Uruguay Phone: +598 2 601 7777 Web Address: Specialists in Finance and Tax Law B 1807AI35 are complemented by medium size legal services companies, such as Brum Costa, which focuses on personalised customer services. The company has experienced exponential growth within the past three years but maintains the feature of a specialised legal advice boutique, dedicating also to general regulatory compliance, with a strong imprint in the legal aspects according to international standards on transparency. With the industry continuing to evolve, there are many challenges that the team at Brum Costa may face. Essentially, the main challenge which Brum Costa faces is to continue providing quality services accompanied by corporate advice. As part of this plan, the firm intends to grow along with its clients´ businesses, as partners in their projects. Furthermore, legislations are constantly changing, and firms are always having to adapt to upcoming developments. Despite the firm is placing an emphasis on legal changes, the team mainly focuses on the changes that its customer´s businesses experience, in the development of new ventures and new technologies. Particularly, Brum Costa keeps track of what regulatory authorities worldwide are projecting for corporate, financial and tax businesses. Regarding the internal culture within the firm, teamwork is a crucial part of the company’s achievements. Ensuring that all staff are equipped to provide the best possible service to clients, team is made up of specialists all operating in different branches of Law, allowing to provide clients with a comprehensive view from the different edges of the topic. Looking ahead to what the future holds for Brum Costa, the firm will aim to maintain and uphold its reputation, continuing to assist clients in every possible way. Building on its achievements of being selected in the 2017 Global Excellence Awards as Uruguay’s Leading Adviser in Tax Law – 2017, the company will look to continue to be recognised in the upcoming years and be able to win it in other areas. Ultimately, being recognised for this award is something that Brum Costa will look to capitalise on as the team looks to cement themselves at the top of tax advisory and financial industries. “...being recognised for this award is something that Brum Costa will look to capitalise on as the team looks to cement themselves at the top of tax advisory and financial industries.”